82 Inbred Dogs Found in Hoarder's Home

June 30th, 2018

We’ve all seen those TV shows about people who hoard. But hoarding can be downright dangerous, not only to the homeowner but to their pets.

There can be clutter that causes a fire or falling hazards or filth that can get you sick.

A Washwood Heath in Birmingham, England woman’s hoarding condition may have ended her life. The woman passed away from complications she had after an accident in her home.

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British police didn’t specify what kind of an accident occurred but they were beyond shocked by what they found when the went to the woman’s house to investigate.

Not only was the house completely filthy, but there were 82 inbred chihuahuas living in the home.

The poor pups were packed into every corner of the “filthy and cramped” home. They were even found behind the kitchen appliances. And the dogs were in a horrid condition.

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Not only were the small dogs found with matted coats, fleas, and burns but they are believed to all have come from two dogs.

“The woman and her husband, Stephen, had started out with two pet chihuahuas — Blue and Tinkerbell. Unfortunately, they didn’t get their dogs neutered and four years later, they had 82 dogs,” RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal told the New York Post.

As a result, the dogs were found to be very angry and very aggressive. The RSPCA was called in to assist the police with dogs. The dogs were taken from the home and brought to the Newboork Farm Animal Hospital.

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“The officers asked us for help with around 30 dogs but I was busy dealing with another emergency elsewhere,” said Boal. “When they called again a few hours later, they were extremely concerned about the conditions they had found the dogs in, claiming they believed there were actually in excess of 40 small breeds.”

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But when they arrived, they found 82 dogs.

“They literally started appearing from everywhere. We would move the washing machine and suddenly there’d be six faces looking at you,” Baol said. “It was incredible where they were able to hide. The house looked like an earthquake had hit it, everything was higgledy-piggledy, it was really chaotic and dirty.”

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The dog was too hazardous, dirty, and cramped for the dogs to stay there, but when the RSPCA tried to remove them the dogs were NOT happy about it.

They had gotten pretty used to their lifestyle.

“They were all hiding — barking and snapping at us,” Boal said.

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The RSPCA work through the night until 11 a.m. to check over and treat all of the dogs.

“This was a classic hoarding situation, but it was clear the couple had loved their dogs and things had simply got out of hand. We worked with Stephen to renovate and clean the home while we cared for the dogs,” Boal explained.

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Four of the dogs were returned to Stephen and the rest were re-homed.

“Two of the dogs that went back to Stephen had serious behavioral issues and were extremely aggressive and unhappy,” Boal said. “But when we returned them to him, they were like different dogs and were so much happier.”

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Boal said he hopes that the story shows people how important it is for people to make sure they neuter and spay their pets.

This will help prevent unwanted litters, crowded and serious health and behavioral complications that can occur from inbreeding.

Watch the video to see the shocking conditions these dogs were found in.

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Source: New York Post