Turkeys Cross The Road - Watch As Mom Protects Her Chicks From Any Danger
She sensed danger and protected her chicks at all costs.
Cedric Jackson

Mothers will do anything to protect their young.

They will chase, attack, and even kill if it means keeping their babies safe. Humans moms and animal moms are all the same. They do their best to keep their young out of trouble and away from danger, but if that danger finds them, they are ready. A woman recently got to see an example of this.

A mother turkey was trying to get her chicks across the road safely, and she was being very alert and cautious the entire time.

Tara Dodd happened to be nearby when she noticed the turkey family crossing the road. She sees a lot of turkeys in the area, but she enjoyed watching the babies follow their mother trustingly.

She decided she would film the mother and chicks, so she could share the sweet moment with her family and friends. The chicks followed their mother closely onto the road. She was making vocal calls and seemed to be talking to the chicks. They were also making noise as if they were talking back to their mother.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

It was similar to how human mothers warn their children to look both ways, hold hands, and walk slowly in the crosswalk. The babies were very cautious, as well, but they had their full trust in their mother. While it is not clear if animals actually talk to each other, videos like this seem to suggest that they do.

Tara watched in amazement as the turkeys worked together and stayed with their mother.

She was making sure that they all got across safely no matter what. The mother was watching all around her and then turning her attention back to her babies for a few seconds before looking back behind her and above. At one point she must have felt threatened because she signaled for the chicks to come closer to her.

Then she told them to hide and seemed to be looking all around for something. The little chicks disappeared in the grass. Scattering makes them harder to find. The brave mother, however, stayed on guard and nearby the hidden chicks.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

If there was a predator lurking nearby, she was ready to fight it.

The chicks blended into the high grass well, so they weren’t even visible on the camera. Throughout the video, Tara talked softly to the turkey, and although she was pretty close to the family, the mother didn’t seem to see her as a threat.

Once the mother realizes there was no danger, she called the babies from their hiding places, and they all continued to peck around on the side of the road. A male turkey on the other side of the road crossed, as well, and checked out the situation. Mom was even a little nervous when he came around, but after she checked him out, she allowed him to stay nearby.

Tara decided that she may be drawing too much attention to the turkey family and stopped filming.

She had already gotten all the video she needed to show how magnificent these birds are and how they interact as a family. She sees the turkeys often in her neighborhood and assumes that the mother has a nest nearby.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Now that these birds trust her and don’t mind her filming them, there’s a good chance that she will have many more encounters with them.

It’s nice to see someone taking the time to understand wildlife. This turkey mom is doing a good job with her babies, and if she continues to keep such a close watch on them, there will probably be a lot more turkey families lurking nearby in the future.

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