Owner Let's Horses Out Into Cold - Their Response Has Internet Rolling On Floor With Laughter
I can't stop laughing at this!
D.G. Sciortino

Temperatures on the East Coast of the U.S. are crazy right now. It was zero degrees this last weekend and tomorrow is going to be 45 and 50 on Friday. For real!

For pet owners, this means letting your pet in and outside even though it’s too cold.

My cat wants to go outside, so she cries until I open the door for her. Once that freezing gust of cold hits her she turns right back around and I shut the door.

But she STILL wants to go outside even though it’s too cold. This means that I have to get up and open and close the door for her at least 25 times a day on cold days. It’s beyond annoying to say the least. If she does actually go outside, I have to let get up and let her back in within five minutes.

Why? Because…


Yes… the weather is too DAMN cold. And I’m sure cat owners like myself aren’t the only ones having to deal with this. Apparently, a horse owner who goes by the name jpcicisco on YouTube has been having the same exact issue and he captured his whole ordeal on video.

“Let horses out to play in the snow,”jpcicisco wrote in the video’s caption. “Horses have other ideas.”

The video shows jpcicisco opening the door to the stable where two horses were. A horse comes out of a door on the right and another on the left. The two horses walk out into a few inches of snow that’s already on the ground as it’s snowing.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The two horses, who are believed to be sisters, both pause for a minute at the same exact time. Then it seems like they were both like “Oh, hell no.” They simultaneously turn right back around and run back into their stables where it was warm and cozy.

Cold snow? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The reaction these two had is hilarious and many people on the internet agree. It has gone viral since it was posted a few days ago and has gotten more than 720,000 views since Jan. 5.

“What sensible horses they are!” said one YouTuber

“Nnnnnnnope,” commented another.

“If you listen very carefully you can hear them both day “f**k that!”said a third.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

You can watch this hilarious video below.

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