Woman finds bear living under her home and schemes clever way to evict him
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It was a quiet day in Monrovia, California, until Tina Herzog discovered an unexpected visitor had taken up residence in her crawl space.

This visitor wasn’t a stray cat or a raccoon but a full-grown bear.

This particular bear, known affectionately by locals as Samson, had decided that Tina’s cozy crawl space was the perfect place to settle down.

This revelation sparked immediate concern for Tina, who feared for the safety of her home’s plumbing and electrical systems.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

Tina’s anxiety was well-founded.

The presence of such a large animal in her crawl space posed significant risks.

Bears, after all, are not known for their gentle touch.

Tina worried that Samson could cause substantial damage to her plumbing and electrical wiring, leading to costly repairs.

The thought of dealing with the aftermath of a bear’s unintentional destruction was daunting.

It was clear that Samson had to go, but the question was how to make him leave.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

In her quest to reclaim her home, Tina tried several methods to evict the unwelcome guest.

Her first call was to the local police, hoping they could handle the situation.

However, their efforts proved futile.

Next, Tina tried using a leaf blower, thinking the noise and disruption might drive Samson away.

Unfortunately, Samson was unfazed by the racket.

Each failed attempt only added to Tina’s frustration and the bear’s determination to stay put.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

Desperation led Tina to seek advice from various sources.

Amidst the myriad suggestions, one stood out: mothballs.

She learned that bears detest the smell of mothballs, and it could be the key to persuading Samson to vacate her crawl space.

With nothing to lose, Tina decided to give it a shot.

She scattered mothballs around the crawl space and hoped for the best.

To her relief, the strategy worked.

Samson, repelled by the strong odor, finally left his cozy hideaway.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

While Tina celebrated her victory, Samson’s departure was only a temporary solution for the neighborhood.

Samson, a familiar figure in the community, was known for his wandering habits.

He had been spotted numerous times, casually strolling through the streets and yards.

His frequent appearances had earned him a sort of celebrity status, but his penchant for settling down in inconvenient places was less endearing.

The locals had grown accustomed to seeing him, yet each sighting brought a mix of awe and concern.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

After being evicted from Tina’s house, Samson didn’t go far.

He simply moved down the block and found a new refuge under another house.

This time, his choice of residence belonged to a family expecting their third child.

The thought of a bear living under their nursery was terrifying.

Moreover, Samson’s presence brought practical challenges.

He rummaged through their trash, creating a mess and potential health hazards.

The homeowners were at their wits’ end, unsure how to handle the situation.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

The new homeowners’ plight echoed Tina’s earlier struggles.

They needed a solution, and fast.

Having heard of Tina’s success with mothballs, they decided to try the same method.

However, their experience was complicated by their growing family and the imminent arrival of their new baby.

The last thing they needed was a bear causing havoc in their home.

They hoped the mothballs would work as effectively for them as they had for Tina.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

Despite the challenges, the community rallied together, sharing advice and support.

The shared experience of dealing with Samson brought the neighbors closer, united by their common goal of coexisting with the local wildlife.

While Samson’s behavior was a nuisance, it also served as a reminder of the proximity to nature and the responsibilities that come with it.

They had to find a balance between respecting wildlife and ensuring the safety and comfort of their homes.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

The story of Samson the bear and his human neighbors in Monrovia is proof of the unpredictability of living close to nature.

Tina Herzog’s successful use of mothballs provided a glimmer of hope and a practical solution for her and her neighbors.

While Samson’s wanderings continue to keep the community on their toes, they remain vigilant and prepared, ready to face whatever new challenges arise.

In the end, it’s a story of resilience, ingenuity, and the enduring spirit of a neighborhood coming together in the face of wild, unexpected challenges.

Watch Samson in the video below.

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