Man thinks he’s rescuing a litter of puppies but they’re not

April 29th, 2021

Saving a dog’s life is already a huge honor that a person can be proud of. But saving a bunch of puppies obviously in need of their absent mother is an even more moving act of kindness. But, what if the litter of puppies you thought you saved were not, in fact, actual dogs?

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Craig Mcgetterick lives in New Brighton, UK, and was busily cleaning his garden when he noticed something different. Was he really seeing a litter of black puppies on his property?

He immediately went and checked the bunch of pups and noted that they were just born, and without a mother to feed them. Seeing that this was an emergency, Craig immediately posted about his discovery and quickly went to the nearest animal center.

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“After a rubbish removal job we unearthed a pile of rubbish and these little pups appeared in the rubbish we have taken them to an animal sanctuary so they have a chance to survive.”

After a rubbish removal job we unearthed a pile of rubbish and these little pups appeared in the rubbish we have taken them to an animal sanctuary so they have a chance to survive

Posted by Craig Mcgettrick onTuesday, March 14, 2017

When Craig got to the local rescue center, he did not expect to receive another surprise: the “dogs” he saved were not actually dogs. They were fox cubs!

The post he shared while on his way to the center together with his friend Beccie got numerous comments, pointing out that he may have been mistaken.

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People online are trying to convince Craig that he, in fact, saved foxes. To clear out the air and to make matters final once and for all, Beccie reached out to Martin Hemmington, founder of the National Fox Welfare Society to get his comment.

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“Vixens leave their cubs all the time whilst they are in the den, and as they get older they’ll begin to explore their surroundings more and more, and become less dependent on mum as they get older,” Martin shared.

Brown and Gray Fox

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As it turns out, this way of living is natural for foxes. Martin recommended returning the pups to where they were found and making sure not to feed them.

“I didn’t give the cubs any milk in order for them to be hungry so they’d cry out and call for their mum, which they did,” Martin said. “I put them around the same place they were found, as I knew the mum would be looking for them, and she’d be checking the place she last had them.”

True enough, the fox mom returned that night for her newborns.

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The story went viral and people from all around the world commended Craig for his act of kindness. He had good intentions, after all, although it was still better to let the foxes live the way they should base on their nature.

Comments also flooded on how much people adored the tiny foxes. They were indeed cute and adorable! At a glance, we can honestly say that they do look like pups to the untrained eye.

Brown and Black Short Coated Dog on White Sand

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We’re pretty sure Craig is happy with what he did, but he would also be more cautious in the future when it comes to posting these kinds of discoveries. At the end of the day, the kind man meant well. And that’s what matters most.

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