Boy Picks Fat Cat To Adopt At Shelter
It warms my heart that Easton picked 'Tiny.' Great job, Easton!
Ashley Fike

A young boy in the Canadian area of Exploits Valley was recently told he could pick out any animal he wanted from the shelter. It was narrowed down to a puppy dog and a cat — his choice, and the Facebook post afterward have the internet swooning.

Easton went to the shelter to pick out a new pet — he ended up leaving with giant, orange, elderly cat.

The shelter is called the Exploits Valley SPCA, and they recently took in two cats named Tiny and Trinity. Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances — their owner needed to drop them off at the shelter so that they could find new homes.

The Exploits Valley SPCA quickly took to Facebook to try and find these two kitty cats a forever home. It was going to be tough, though, because they were a bit older and Tiny was quite large and a bit overweight.

“Tiny isn’t a picky eater, but is ‘weight challenged’ and has a big round belly that he loves to have rubbed.” the Facebook post read.

Tiny and his sibling Trinity weren’t bonded, so it was okay if they were adopted into separate homes — it was just a matter of when they’d be chosen.

When Easton walked into the shelter with his mom, he had an instant connection with the huge, orange, senior cat. It was at that moment that it became official Tiny was going to a new home.

When Easton, his mom, and Tiny were driving back home — Tiny was let out of his cage, and he immediately went to snuggle and bond with his new owner. It was clear that he was incredibly grateful to be heading home with a new family.


Even though the shelter described the big cat as ‘shy,’ it wasn’t long before he and Easton were like old, lifelong friends. It’s evident that his big size matches the size of his heart — Tiny is just a big teddy bear of a cat.

We wish and hope that every cat gets to find themselves in a loving and caring home, just like Tiny did. Trinity can be checked on by contacting the Exploits Valley SPCA.

The entire Facebook post is below; it’s obvious by reading the comments that the entire Internet couldn’t be happier for Tiny — and Easton!

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