Kayakers Encounter Friend Struggling In Weeds, Haul Him Aboard. Then He Sprints Away
These kayakers spotted something in the weeds and knew they had to do something to help.
D.G. Sciortino

The best part about canoeing is getting to see all the wildlife that reside in the waterways that you traverse. You often find an exquisite array of birds, fish, and other animals looking for a drink or some fish to catch as you paddle along.

While a group of canoers in Wales, UK were enjoying their day out on the Wye River, they came across some wildlife in distress.

A poor sheep had taken a tumble and found itself all caught up in some vegetation as it dangled over the river. The canoers didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to rescue the sheep in distress.

“Whilst canoeing along the River Wye, one of my fellow paddlers noticed a sheep that had fallen into the river and had become entangled in the weeds and undergrowth,” wrote Gwithers who posted his a video of the rescue on Newsflare. “I set about to rescue the stricken animal and was successful.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Gwithers, who appears to have been wearing a GoPro or similar device, is shown hopping off of his canoe and walking towards the entangled sheep while his friends waited in their two canoes.

“Yeah, well we’ll have to put him in here and then get him up the bank somewhere,” some of them says.

When Gwithers reaches the sheep he proclaims “Gotcha!” and proceeds to pull the sheep from the branches that are twisted around him.

The sheep may have been lucky to have gotten caught up in the weeds as he would have ended up in the water. It’s unknown how deep the river was, but if it was deep he could have drowned.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

You can hear Gwithers struggle to lift the sheep and grunt as he tries to free the creature.

“Put him in the middle,” directs one of the canoers.

Gwithers asks for a little help and tells the canoers to paddle a little bit closer to him. Finally, with a heave, he is able to lift the sheep into the middle of one of the canoes.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The poor little goat appears to have an injured or skinned backside.

He lets out a little bleat, which makes Gwithers laugh a bit.

“He wants to jump out,” said one of the canoers.

“He’s very weak,” says another.

They canoers finally find a good spot to let their new passenger off. Gwithers once again gets out of the canoe to lift the sheep on the bank. As soon as he hits the ground, the sheep scurries up the hill.

Animals do so much for us on Earth, so it’s nice to see humans doing things to help them. You can watch the sheep’s rescue in the video below.

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