Wonderful but ‘dumb as a box of rocks’ sled pup hilariously takes woman home

September 18th, 2020

Fall and winter are well on the way.

Everyone’s seen How the Grinch Stole Christmas, either the original cartoon or the Jim Carrey version.

It’s a Christmas classic.

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But I’m sure you haven’t met Grinch, the sled dog. He’s not nearly as famous.

He’s a little more… warmhearted than the other Grinch.

He’s also dogsledder and author Blair Braverman’s best friend.

Blair and Grinch have shared countless epic sagas out in the elements.

Blair lives up to her name.

In fact, she’s been training for the Iditarod race across Alaska… that’s 1000 frigid miles!

Yeah, Blair and Grinch have seen a thing or three.

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Blair’s both an adventurer and a storyteller.

Her work has appeared in The Guardian and Smithsonian, among other publications. Her adventures have been read by thousands across the world.

Her most recent story stars Grinch.

And fortunately, he doesn’t steal Christmas.

Tales of bravery with Grinch and Blair Braverman?

Let’s do it.

That’s gotta be tough.

Most aren’t cut out for the life of a sled dog! I can barely stand weather under 40 degrees Fahrenheit! I can’t imagine.

Grinch is a beautiful dog… and a little idiosyncratic.

You see, the thing about Grinch is…

Hey, that’s not nice!

Grinch is adorable. He’s just fun-loving and free-spirited!

He loves to get out and exercise. He’s a sled dog with tons of energy!

Blair and Grinch’s journeys are always riddled with surprises.

Fun, head-scratching surprises.

One night, they set out…

…Into the darkness.

Things were going smoothly… at first.

They’ve had enough fun for the night. Time to turn back!

They say you can follow the North Star home.

Why not follow Grinch?

Well, turns out Grinch was confused.

Very, very confused.

But ya gotta love him.

He’s trying his best.

Gentle and patient Jenga is the perfect companion.

Fortunately, time was on their side.

It’s essentially a fact – dog Grinch is definitely cooler than the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Like, there’s no comparison.

Besides, Grinch is infinitely more adorable. Although, Dr. Seuss’s Grinch has his moments.

He’s not too bad in the end, anyway.

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Fortunately, Christmas has not been stolen. Dog Grinch means no harm. He’s nothing but love.

Sometimes he gets confused, but he makes up for it in heart. Ironically, that’s the same thing Dr. Seuss’s Grinch was lacking!

So what do you think of Grinch? What do you make of Blair, Grinch, and Jenga’s snowy story?

Blair and Grinch have an awesome life!

Along with Jenga, they’ll continue to weather the elements together for years to come.

Even when his mind’s elsewhere, Grinch’s heart’s always in the right place!

Want to know what it’s like running a 100-mile dogsled race? Be sure to check out Blair’s video below!

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Source: Blair Braverman, Anchorage, blair_braverman