Owner plays Titanic theme song while filming dog’s reaction

September 18th, 2020

Get your tissue boxes ready, this one is gonna be a tear jerker.

In a video posted on her Instagram, sweet Luna, the golden retriever, is played a beautiful song on the piano.

And she gets real emotional as she listens.

Luna is a pretty famous dog on the internet! She has over forty thousand followers on Instagram!

It’s partly due to how dang cute she is but

she’s also so photogenic!

Look at these little paws!

And of course she has her mom to thank as well! Her mom is the only one capable of actually utilising technology between the two of them, and therefore manages Luna’s instagram!

Her mum is also a great piano player!

In fact, it’s her playing the piano in the video!

She’s playing the oh so emotional song from Titanic

for her favourite little pup, who she’s cradling in her arms! It’s definitely from before Luna got to be so big considering she was still a lap sized puppy in the video!

Now she fits frogs on her nose!

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Furends come in different shapes and sizes

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The craziest thing is that Luna actually seems to be having a genuinely emotional response to the music!

Check out this excerpt from Wag Walking for an explanation:

“Research has shown that many dogs react to music according to the tone of the music, just as humans do. For example, when dogs hear heavy metal, they will become frustrated and start barking.”

“Classical music, on the other hand, has a much different effect on dogs. This genre produces feelings of peace and calm within dogs, just like it frequently does with humans. You’ll notice your dog possibly barking less and being less rambunctious.”

Considering how sad the song sounds even just instrumentally, this makes a lot of sense.

It’s really incredible that we can bridge these gaps between species with something like music. It’s pure, raw, emotional art that transcends humanity!

And there’s nothing simple about making a sad song, it takes complex musical theory and knowledge, beyond lyrics!

Luna’s reaction is proof of that!

But Dr. Kimberley Sena Moore from Psychology Today helps explain how the structure of music can have an effect on our… Well, psychology.

“fast music in a major mode is often considered happy, while fast music in a minor mode is often considered angry.

“There are other examples as well, such as loudness (dynamics) and pitch height. High pitched music played quietly will likely sound fearful, while high-pitched music played loudly will likely sound happy (or angry, depending on other factors like timbre, tempo, mode…).

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We’re halfway to Christmas!

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“As I understand it, Gladwell’s main point is that musically induced tears occur when ‘melancholy collides with specificity.’ In other words, when

“the characteristics of the music itself […] combine with details, memories, and images related to one’s life or other emotional triggers, that’s what contributes to the experience of sad music.”

“And though I don’t disagree with this sentiment, the phenomenon itself is much more complex than that, or even (quite frankly) than what’s been shared in this post.

“The perception of sad music includes other characteristics beyond lyrics, particularly tempo and mode, as well as the interactions between musical elements.”

Certainly a complex topic with plenty more to unpack as psychology and science continue to develop, but this paints a good picture of why Luna was affected as heavily as she was! You don’t need to know English to get emotional to a song!

You can watch the video for yourself below, and I highly recommend you do to see exactly how cute it is when little baby Luna really feels the music!

If you want more Luna in your life you can follow her on Instagram!

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