Woman Forces Fennec Fox To Join Her Vegan Diet – Here's The Outcome
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A lot of people live a vegan lifestyle.

Some try to push it on others, and some just do it because they honestly believe it is the right choice for them. What would you say if someone was going to make their pet go vegan? It happens a lot more than you think. Most pets are meant to eat meat and can’t survive without it.

One woman, Sonia Sae, recently shared posts of her fennec Fox, Jumanji, who she decided to turn vegan.

She shared the photos of the fox on Facebook. Another woman, Alice Moore, noticed that the fox seemed to be doing poorly on its new diet.

Alice brought the issue to the everyone’s attention:

“Jumanji is currently only being fed Ami cat food. Unfortunately, foxes are an animal that cannot digest synthetic taurine (which is the only taurine in Ami cat) and fennec foxes especially need a high-protein diet filled with raw foods like roaches, super worms, mealworms, mice, pinky rats, eggs, and other foods they would normally get in the wild.

“They are NOT omnivores. If you feed a fennec fox an omnivore diet they will get sick, it is not enough for them. In the wild, 90% of their food consists of meat and insects. The other 10% are roots and fruits eaten only as a supplement and should not be fed as a large or main portion of their diet!

“It was recently also discovered Jumanji is partially blind already, no doubt due to taurine deficiency from his diet of vegan cat food. He is experiencing hair loss (which she claims is an allergy), appears underweight, and from the videos provided on her Instagram last week, he is also lethargic for a fennec. He also lacks a digging area, so his nose is rubbed red in some images, most likely due to digging in sheets, carpeting, and hard flooring.

“She also claims he sheds his winter and summer coats…fennec foxes are a desert dwelling animal and do not have seasonal coats that they ‘shed’…meanwhile hair loss is a very common symptom of malnutrition.

“Sonia has refused to listen to experts who are all appalled at her treatment of Jumanji and have contacted her regarding the health of her fennec fox. Among these are a few sanctuaries, fox rescues, and exotic vet techs. The police are now currently investigating, and hopefully, some progress will be made in getting Jumanji the care he needs. Whether that means removing him from Sonia’s care or Sonia being made to feed him a proper diet suited for a fennec fox, that is up to law enforcement and the experts involved in the case.”

Jumanji’s owner claimed that he was doing fine and even seemed to be bragging about his condition.

She said that some of his problems were due to an allergy. The allergy was allegedly causing his hair to fall out, too.

Once people on the internet learned of the fox’s condition, everyone was appalled and wanted to take action. Most believe that the woman should not be allowed to own the fox, as she obviously didn’t know how to care for it.

Someone even made an online petition to have the fox taken away from Sonia.

Sadly, there are no laws that prevent Sonia from disallowing her fox to eat meat. Sonia refuses to budge on the issue, but she has made her Instagram private to stop people from seeing her photos and harassing her about the fox.

Alice is continuing to fight for the fox, and her post has been shared thousands of times. She is encouraging others to share and do everything they can to make sure this fox gets the right treatment and is cared for properly.

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Posted by Alice Natanya Moore onMonday, March 5, 2018

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