Squirrel Hilariously Tries Climbing Greased Bird Seed Pole

June 13th, 2018

Squirrels are adorable, but if you are trying to attract birds to your yard and have bird feeders set up around it, those pesky little squirrels can steal all the bird seed and even destroy your feeders. They are talented little thieves, and they can get into almost any feeder. Even if you put your bird feeder on top of a pole, they can climb it.

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One woman was tired of seeing her birds go hungry and her seeds spilled all over the place by the squirrels.

She decided to grease her feeder poles. She figured once the squirrels tried to climb it and failed, they would give up. She was wrong.

One morning, she was watching outside as a squirrel tried to climb the pole over and over again. She couldn’t help but laugh at it, and she finally grabbed her phone to record it. Eventually, it gave up and went on its way. There has to be an easier way to find food.

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A lot of people struggle with keeping squirrels out of their bird feeders, and some have come up with some pretty creative methods to deter them.

There are plenty of ways to safely keep these little critters away from your bird feeders.

Many people find that if they choose seeds that squirrels don’t like, they don’t have to worry about them attacking their feeders. Of course, certain birds prefer certain seeds, too, so by adding or removing seeds, you may be changing the types of birds that come into your yard to eat.

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Many companies also make bird feeders that have sloped plastic around the edges.

The squirrels may jump on the feeders, but they can’t stay on them long enough to eat the food. The slopes are slippery, and the squirrels fall off. They don’t get hurt, and eventually, they realize that they can’t eat from the feeders and move on.

If you don’t mind squirrels in your yard but just don’t want them messing with your bird feeders, consider buying special feeders just for them. You can find or even make containers that hold squirrel food and are safe and easy for them to eat from. Squirrels prefer an easy meal, so if they can find food easily, they won’t worry about climbing and making a mess of the feeders you have for your birds.

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Other ways to keep squirrels away include tying aluminum pie pans to strings and allowing them to blow in the wind.

The noise scares the squirrels away. Unfortunately, it can also scare away the birds and other wildlife that you might want to see in your yard.

Squirrels are actually fun to watch in your yard. They often jump from branch to branch, and they can be seen scurrying across the grass all day long. They are great little acrobats, and they have complex societies. If you are looking for a critter to keep you entertained while you sit on your porch, don’t be so quick to get rid of them.

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Squirrels can also be beneficial to your yard.

They eat insects that can kill your plants and flowers, and they help scatter seeds so other plants can grow in new areas. They can also be great company while you are working outside.

There is no denying that these little creatures can test your patience and scare off the other animals that come to your yard. You can find ways to deter them, or you can welcome them and find ways to live beside them.

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If you are lucky, you might get squirrels in your yard that are as funny as the one in this video.

Then you can spend your days laughing and enjoying the funny side of nature while hopefully also enjoying the birds. Squirrels have to eat, too. They are just trying to survive like everything else. They just happen to be a little funny about it.

Watch this squirrel’s hilarious antics in the video below.

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