Husband Flips Out When He Realizes Wife's New Puppy Isn't A Dog

May 15th, 2018

One man was at his wits end when his wife sent him pictures of her new adorable “puppy”. His response is priceless.

For most of us, getting a new dog is exciting especially if you’re getting a little puppy to play with your kids. So when Kayla found a lost puppy roaming the streets, she knew she had to take him in.

Her two kids also loved the dog and named it Spot. However, their father Justin wasn’t quite as pleased as the rest of his family, especially after he saw pictures of his new puppy.

Please note, the images below contain graphic language.


Hmm, this puppy is definitely an interesting looking dog…

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His reaction = perfection.

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Well, we thought Spot was a pretty cute name, too.

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It’s good to see that true love still exists today.

A big thank you to Kayla for sharing her husband’s hilarious reaction, and to Justin for being a good sport. Thankfully, Justin is just happy that his wife and kids are safe, and not being eaten by a coyote.

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