Wendy is a beautiful Chimera cat with one really gross habit

May 3rd, 2021

If there’s one thing that the internet is absolutely full of, it has got to be pictures of cats and their furry friends. Cat lovers can rejoice, because there are millions of feline out there on social media to follow, including this beautiful chimera cat.

Meet Wendy, the two-faced cat.

Of course, every cat out there is beautiful, but there are some felines that definitely stand out a little bit too. Their fur might be extraordinary or interesting, for example, something you see a lot with chimera cats.

Chimera cats, a.k.a. two-faced or split-faced cats, are quite captivating and remarkable.

There are plenty of Instafamous Chimera cats on the internet, and this one who listens to the name ‘Wendy’ is one of them.

Even though she’s not as popular as some other felines on social media, she has almost 10,000 followers from all around the world and absolutely loving parents who love sharing some snaps and videos of their feline buddy.

Wendy lives with her mom in Thailand, and her look captures the heart of everyone she meets.

She actually has a Thai name too, which funnily enough simply translates to ‘Cat’. Wendy is her English moniker, and it’s also the name of her Instagram profile.

Right now, Wendy is almost two years old.

She was adopted when she was around three months old by her mom Eve, who instantly fell in love with her.

Not only does she have mesmerizing looks, she has a lovely personality as well.

It’s really as if this cat was split in half, as the distinct fur can be noticed all the way down until it meshes into tabby stripes.

And her face really is just irresistible and innocent, who could stay mad at that? However, there’s one thing Wendy does that can be called a bad habit.

She has a thing for toilet paper.

Let’s face it, cats tend to be troublemakers more often than not, being mischievous is just in their nature. For her, toilet paper is just another tasty snack, and she’ll destroy any roll of toilet paper she comes across.

Even though mom Eve tries her best to keep all the toilet rolls as far as possible from Wendy, she knows exactly where to find them.

And when she’s caught, she won’t give up her roll of toilet paper without a fight.

Wendy actually has another strange habit that most people think is gross.

She likes having cockroaches around to play with them.

To keep herself busy, Wendy often spends time with cockroaches, much to the dismay of mom Eve. Instead of toys or other pets, Wendy just can’t get enough of these pesky animals.

“She loves to play with cockroaches the most cuz they’re bigger than normal insects and can move fast,” Mom eve said to Metro.

Peter the cockroach is actually her best friend.

Wendy even has Peter listed in her Instagram bio, so it must be pretty serious. Some people find it charming, while a lot of other people also find it gross.

Perhaps it’s just a little bit of both, but as long as they’re happy, Eva is happy too, even though she feels a little bit scared sometimes.

“I’m scared when they play together,” she added.

If you’d like to follow all of Wendy’s adventures, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram. Keep in mind that you’ll probably see Peter the cockroach in some of those posts too!

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Source:, @wendytwofacescat (Instagram)