Turkey Whisperer Hilariously 'Becomes One' With The Turkeys

November 22nd, 2018

Most people don’t think about turkeys except for when it’s time to put them on their plate.

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With Thanksgiving and everyone gorging themselves on delicious turkey dinners, we figured we’d post a humorous video showing turkeys in a more natural state.

Last October, a group of domesticated turkeys had a hilarious encounter with a group of pheasant hunters.

“A couple good friends and I were pheasant hunting on a public piece of property in Montana,” the uploader wrote in the video’s description. “My friends asked me if I heard the turkeys gobbling. In Glasgow, there are virtually no turkeys, so we were amazed.”

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“On our way back to the truck, I said I should strut at them and began calling with only my mouth. They began to work our way and I seized the opportunity to have a little fun, and the show began!”

In the video, the hunter puts his hand to his mouth and lets out a series of turkey calls.

He stands at the end of a long, dirt road, and immediately, you see a group of turkeys walking towards him. The whole thing is both hilarious and weird. “Keep talking to ’em,” his friend encourages.

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Squatting down and flapping his “wings’, the hunter hilariously becomes one with the turkeys.

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As he squats, the birds continue to approach him. It looks like more have added to the group. Watching the man’s bird walk is hilarious; his friends can’t control their giggles as he takes a few steps forward. At this point, I can count a dozen turkeys coming towards him.

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Once the turkeys finally get close enough, they realize the hunter isn’t one of their kind. It seems his hilarious bird walk may have convinced them after all.

I feel like it should be noted that while turkeys may not be the smartest animal, they’re definitely more intelligent than we give them credit for. People who work with turkeys say they’re very curious, often describing them as “natural detectives”. Indeed, the Discovery Channel defends the birds, writing:

“Turkeys are not dumb. Instead, they’re very social with each other and humans.”

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Unsure what to make of this weird-looking bird, the turkeys let out a few squawks of disapproval as the man giggles and runs away.

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But in the end, he can’t control himself, returning for another hilarious waddle.

Since being uploaded, the video has gone completely viral. The man was dubbed the “Turkey Whisperer”, and people couldn’t help but crack up at his innocent shenanigans— not to mention the birds’ hilarious response.

“This is probably the funniest video … I’m in tears still.”

“The best video I’ve seen on YouTube in over a year. I would give it a thousand likes if I could.”

I laughed so hard I think I cracked a couple of ribs and I can’t stop the tears from running. What a great video. Thanks.”

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See the video below!

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