Teen Posts Video Of Himself Pouring Boiling Water On Cat

August 3rd, 2017

A teenager named Leon cruelly abused a cat who trusted him. But thankfully, justice was served, and the teenager was caught and given an appropriate punishment for his crimes.

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Leon took a video of himself abusing the cat, whose name is Driver. Leon held a pot of scalding water, and he waited for the cat to approach him. Once Driver came up to him, Leon poured the boiling water onto the cat. The poor cat screeched in pain as the water dripped down his back and onto his legs.

Leon posted a video of the abuse on social media, clearly thinking that the horrific video would get lots of hits. But the video had an unintended consequence: police officers saw it, and they arrested Leon. He was given numerous charges, including misdemeanor animal cruelty and felony animal torture. He will spend three years in jail, where he’ll have plenty of time to think about the consequences of his actions.

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After Leon’s arrest, the Chicago-based rescue group Felines & Canines took Driver in. The poor cat had large burn wounds on his sides, back, legs, belly, and chest. Felines & Canines’ vet put Driver on a heavy dose of antibiotics, IV fluids, and pain management medication. Once he was stabilized, Driver began a laser therapy treatment that helped his body with the healing process.

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Felines & Canines shared Driver’s story on their Facebook page, and they received an outpouring of love and support. Felines & Canines were incredibly moved by all the love that Driver received. They shared their feelings on their Facebook page:

“While our hearts are heavy for the suffering that Driver is experiencing this very moment, we are uplifted by the outpouring of support and collective outrage that the public is expressing on his behalf. Sometimes we need someone as evil as Leon Teague to show how swiftly and fiercely thousands of us can ban together to fight for the innocent.”

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After Driver was healed, Felines & Canines started looking for a home where he would be provided with love and support. They soon found a great home for him, and Driver moved in with his new family.

Driver loves his new home and his owners. Driver’s new family took a video of Driver, and Felines & Canines shared the video to their Facebook page. They hoped that this video could replace the one of Driver suffering in people’s memories.

I know that so many of you actually watched the video of him being doused with boiling water. I would ask that this video replace that one in your memory.

Posted by Felines & Canines on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Driver faced unimaginable abuse at the hands of a cruel individual. Thankfully, Driver has found a wonderful new home with a family who will help him learn how to trust people again.

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