Stray Dog Saves An Abandoned Baby In Argentinan Streets

March 9th, 2017

Sometimes, a story pops up that reminds us why dogs really are man’s best friend. In many cases, it is easy to forget that dogs have instincts far beyond the scope of humans, and in a recent story where are stray dog had protected a small baby, this became even more apparent.


On the streets of Argentina, a stray dog that has been referred to by many locals as “Way” can be seen roaming around and searching for scraps of food leftover or thrown away. Way had been a mother herself, and she had experience in raising her own little puppies at the time. Way was walking around the streets of Argentina as she is known to do often when she stumbled upon a one-month-old baby abandoned in a dark alley. Entirely helpless, the one-month-old baby was left to freeze and die by her thirty-three-year-old mother, who no longer wanted her own child.

Recruiting her own puppies to help keep the baby warm, Way wrapped herself entirely around the infant in an attempt to protect it from the freezing Argentina nights. Without Way’s maternal instincts, the baby would have definitely died in the harsh weather conditions that night.


The following morning, a local woman by the name of Alejandra Griffa heard the one-month-old crying in the alley, and when she made her way over, she noticed the abandoned baby and immediately rushed it to the closest hospital for emergency care. The thirty-three-year-old mother of the abandoned child was soon identified after Alejandra dropped the baby off at the hospital, and the woman was promptly arrested by authorities.


Way’s maternal instincts were extended to this abandoned baby, and lucky for the baby, Way was able to do a great job keep it warm and alive until Alejandra found the group bundled together the following morning. Way was immediately seen as a hero, and will always be regarded as such as she continues to roam the streets of Argentina with her own litter of puppies.

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