Rescue Parrot Hates People Until Adoptive Mom Finds Most Touching Way To Make Him Feel Safe
This parrot hated people until his mom figured out what was wrong.
Cedric Jackson

This parrot didn’t like people, but his adoptive mother changed all that.

In one of its more recent videos, The Dodo posted the heartwarming story of a parrot named Chicken Man who used to be constantly stressed out and hated people but got a complete attitude adjustment with the help of his new mom.


According to his mother:

“He was in a bad, neglectful situation.”

To make matters worse and increase his stress levels,

“He also had several foster families.”

People and animals are very much alike in that so much instability in life will take its emotional toll. In addition to causing stress, all of his foster families “brought him back because he was so mean.”

That changed when he met the woman who would become his mom.

The parrot made a connection with her. She explained:

“I just started singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ He threw back his feathers, and he grabbed his tail and he started snapping and dancing in the cage.”

The video from The Dodo includes the parrot doing just this, and it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

After forming such a strong bond right away, the woman made the choice to foster him.

At first, he was still very stressed and would still pluck out his feathers. Luckily for Chicken Man, his new mom is creative and figured out exactly how to calm him down and stop the plucking.

“So, I wrapped him real tight like a little burrito and, as soon as I held him close, he was completely calm.”


Apparently swaddling works just as well on stressed-out parrots as it does on human babies. After this, it wasn’t long before Chicken Man started to come out of his shell. His mom describes him as a “little goofball.”

“He’ll be chatty and he’ll copy things. […] It’s like he’s revealing a little, silly bird that’s inside.”

Even for those who didn’t know about Chicken Man’s past would be able to tell he loves his new mom.

In the video, we get to see several clips of him cozying up to her. We also get to see and hear how:

“He walks over to me, and he puts his foot up, like to step up. I put my hand down, and I told him to step up. And he did.”


Among the various clips in the video from The Dodo, we get to see the very first time the parrot did this, as well as him doing the same thing other times, including with his father. Over time, Chicken Man even started to let other family members touch him. In one clip, his mom explains:

“He’s letting Josh touch him, and no one else has been able to do this.”

For his mom, the moment of change was simple:

“When I saw that little light at the end of the tunnel and he gave me that little dance or let me kiss his nose, it was rewarding beyond measure.”

Unsurprisingly, Chicken Man’s foster parents decided to become his forever parents.

He keeps getting happier and having more fun every day. He even plays peekaboo. Lucky for us, Chicken Man’s parents, John and Brenda, have an Instagram account where they post photos of him and his siblings.

He also gets to go outside to enjoy the nice weather in Houston, such as in this post where his parents said he was “screaming at all the ducks.”


Most of the posts on Chicken Man’s parents’ page are videos, but there are also plenty of photos. While there, you can also admire his siblings, Captain Q, Fonzie, Buttercup, and Scooter.

Rescue Parrot Hated People Until He Met His New Mom

This rescue parrot hated people until he met his new mom — and she figured out the sweetest way to make him feel safe 💚

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, 25 September 2017

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