This Cute Shih Tzu Will Only Sleep On His Back Like A Person

June 5th, 2019

Though everyone has their own reasons, there are so many good reasons to get a dog.

For starters, there are plenty of dogs out there in the world who don’t have homes and who need a human partner to help care for them. On the other hand, forming a close relationship with an animal is one of the most rewarding things that we can do in life. Aside from those deeper reasons, though, there are some simpler ones as well.

In other words, dogs are so cute all the time that they’re bound to boost your mood.

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For just one example of the kinds of adorable things that dogs do, just consider this cute little Shih Tzu named Paningning.

As it turns out, Paningning is a little puppy whose mom, Janess Cua, shared plenty of pictures of him to a dog group on Facebook called Dog Lovers Philippines. As a result of the popularity of the pictures in that group, Cua started an Instagram for Paningning at @therealpaningning. As of writing this article, that page now has almost 80,000 followers!

The main thing that caught the internet’s attention about Paningning, however, was his unique way of sleeping.

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For the most part, dogs tend to sleep on their bellies or slightly on their sides.

Unlike most dogs, Paningning prefers to sleep like some humans do—that is, flopped over on his back with his belly pointing up in the air! Though you might think the picture of this puppy sleeping like he has been “turned off” was just a fluke, a cursory glance through the Instagram page proves that that’s simply not true.

In fact, there are countless picture of this happening again…

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And again…

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And again.

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We’re not sure if Shih Tzus tend to sleep on their backs more than other dogs, we just know that Paningning looks adorable when he does it.

The most iconic picture from the collection which seems to have started the Paningning craze has nearly 16,000 likes, though we’re sure it’s only going to grow from there! When all the tech wizards in Silicon Valley were designing all the social media platforms that we use day in and day out, we’re guessing they weren’t thinking about how pet owners would use them to turn their dogs and cats into celebrities.

Still, we’re so glad that they did!

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Aside from all the sleeping pictures, though, Paningning has all kinds of other cute poses for those who want to see them.

In some pictures, you can catch Paningning cruising around town in a doggie stroller with his siblings.

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You can even see what the little guy looks like as illustrated by a fan!

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Though it goes without saying, anybody who is a fan of adorable petstagrams is sure to find a lot to like here.

If you enjoyed this story, head over to Instagram and follow @paningning for more adorable content. You can even check out his YouTube channel as well! For Cua’s sake, we’re hoping that he doesn’t snore too loud in the house when he’s sleeping in that position!

You keep doing you, Paningning!

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