Adorable Bulldog Named Brutus Reacts Hilariously To His Treat

June 5th, 2019

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who really love food and the people who don’t.

If this seems like a weird categorization to you (because doesn’t everybody love food?), then you already know which category you fall into. Still, it’s true that not everyone has equal enthusiasm for trying new kinds of food, snacking through the entire day and generally getting way too excited about things like Thai food or a package of Oreos.

As it turns out, though, this rule applies to our animals as well.

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We learned this as a result of a truly adorable viral video of a cute little bulldog.

For those who don’t already follow the account, we’re talking about @brutusthabully—an account dedicated to Brutus Patutus, the American Bulldog. Brutus lives in Orange County, California with his family and, despite his tough name, he’s one of the sweetest little boys we’ve ever seen.

If you go to his Instagram account, you’ll see pictures of him posing with his mom…

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Lounging in the sun and getting a nice tan…

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And even sitting around and smelling the flowers.

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Still, there was one post in particular that caught the internet’s attention.

Because Brutus’s mom is a thoughtful pet owner who cares that her dog is well-taken care of, she subscribes to a monthly service that delivers treats and dog toys to her home. Much like a kid at Christmas, whenever these treats come, Brutus is absolutely over the moon. Still, one of the treats he got in particular truly drove him nuts.

Who knew that a giant dog bone could make someone so happy?

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As the clip begins, Brutus’s mom carefully holds out the treat right in front of the camera.

Although it’s tantalizingly close, Brutus sits there obediently and doesn’t go for it yet. Gradually, she lowers the bone and twists it horizontally so that it’s placed perfectly inside Brutus’s mouth. After that, Brutus takes it oh-so-gingerly from her hand and carefully walks backwards, setting the dog bone on the floor.

Once it’s in place is when the real fun begins.

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As he puts it down, Brutus nudges the bone and gives it a quick sniff.

After that, with his tail wagging like crazy, Brutus jumps all over the place and acts like he’s going to pounce on the bone! In a hilarious display that his mom captures on camera, he jumps and skips all over the place, playing with the bone in front of him as if it were another dog.

Although we know dogs think bones are delicious, Brutus is more excited about his food than almost anyone we’ve ever seen!

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So far, the clip has garnered some 115,000 views on Instagram, though it’s sure to only go up from there.

All told, Brutus’s account has about 57,000 followers on Instagram—and as it turns out, this isn’t the only time he’s gone absolutely wild over a new dog treat! Another video on the page shows Brutus’s mom pulling out another bone and going through the same routine with Brutus. After he puts it in his mouth, he runs off with it and jogs around the room in circles, playing with it.

Next, he sets it down and does his usual wacky dance moves!

Whenever we see a story like this, we’re reminded once again why dogs truly are man’s best friend.

In a lot of adult life, we’re made to think about how we appear to others and what other people think of us. When you see a dog like Brutus jumping up and down in excitement because of a new bone, it really helps to put life in perspective. If you enjoyed either of these videos, be sure to check out Brutus’s Instagram for more hilarious and adorable dog content!

Thanks to Brutus and his mom for sharing this hilarious clip with the world! Check out the full thing below:

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Source: Inspire More, Instagram/brutusthabully