Woman Rescues 3 Terrified Puppies From Tied Plastic Bag

August 7th, 2018

It takes an evil person to abuse an innocent animal. Like children, animals are perpetually trusting and dependent on those around them— but sadly, most people aren’t fit for the responsibility the job implies. Most recently, upon discovering a sad instance of animal abandonment, one Good Samaritan decided to step in.

Susanna Bergamaschi, an animal rescue volunteer from Norma, Italy, was walking with a friend when she heard noises coming from the hedge.

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Susanna Bergamaschi/Facebook Source: Susanna Bergamaschi/Facebook

In an interview with Caters News, she said:

“I was out walking with a friend when I came across a dog walker who said he’d heard noises coming from a hedge and indicated at the place where the noises were coming from.”

As an animal lover, Susanna definitely wanted to make sure whatever was in the bush was going to be okay. When she approached the area, however, the sight she saw shocked her. Hidden in the leafy hedge was a plastic bag tangled on a fence. As they approached, they noticed the bag was moving and it seemed to be the source of the noise.

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When Susanna and her friend opened the plastic bag, they were stunned to see three helpless puppies inside.

“The dog walker managed to untangle the bag and once we got it back to the road we opened it and saw the puppies inside!” she explained.

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In the bag, there was one black puppy and two white ones. By all accounts, they were shaken up and traumatized. You can see them quivering uncontrollably. As a true animal lover, Susanna knew she couldn’t just leave the puppies to die. So, she wrapped them up and brought them home to give them the life they deserve.

In the next scene, you see the puppies all cuddled up in blankets, cozy as can be.

Susanna showers them with love, bottle feeding the babies to help them grow big and strong. In the interview with Caters, she said:

“I took them home and from here, their life will begin.”

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Since being uploaded to YouTube, people are enamored with Susanna’s kindness and appalled by the person who left the puppies there in the first place. Comments on the video read:


“If I see a man kill the person who did this and cops ask me who it was I would say idk”

“Small puppey very cute”

Humans aren’t the only ones who save animals from these types of circumstances, though!

Earlier this year, I wrote about Aragon, the dog who discovered a box of abandoned kittens in a woods and helped his owner raise them.

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The Orphan Pet Source: The Orphan Pet

The incident happened near the Immitos mountains of Greece, and you can read the full story here.

Sadly, these types of stories seem to be common in Italy. In an article published by The Local, David Brenner discusses the “curiously ambivalent attitude” that Italians have towards their pets. “Here, vets are for farm animals— which are valuable,” he wrote. “As opposed to pets— which aren’t. Depending on where your sympathies lie, you’ll regard these local attitudes as either callous our clear-eyed.”

Regardless of cultural norms and differences, it’s refreshing to see innocent animals get the life they deserve thanks to goodhearted people like Susanna.

Watch the incredible rescue below!

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