Pittie thinks she’s a rescued magpie’s mom
Peggy the pittie wasn't sure about Molly the magpie at first. But soon, they'd bonded enough that she started producing milk.
D.G. Sciortino

While outside one day, Juliette and Reece spotted a magpie bird who was in need of help.

“She was just all covered in grass,” Juliette told The Dodo. “We just decided to just bring her home. She was very weak and very, very tired.”

Their pitbull Peggy (which is the best name ever for pittie) was a little cautious of this new creature in her home.

But it wasn’t long before she warmed up to Molly the magpie and started sniffing around her beak.

“The fact that we were paying attention to this little one, she wanted to know what was going on,” Juliette said.

And Molly was very interested in learning more about what Peggy was all about.

They started to spend more time hanging around each other.

“They’d just lie next to each other. Not touching, but they’d lie in the vicinity of one another,” said Juliette.

That soon turned into a little bit of snuggling, which then turned into a lot of snuggling.

Now being snuggled up is pretty much what these two do all the time.

“They are never apart,” said Juliette. “It’s just so beautiful.”

“Molly would just go and sit on Peggy’s back and go to sleep,” said Reece. “Wherever Peggy goes, Molly is always following behind Peggy. She copies everything Peggy does.”

Peggy took on the role of Molly’s mother.

Seriously, she even started producing milk, which is actually common when a dog is nurturing another animal.

“She’s [Peggy] very protective of [her],” said Juliette.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Juliette and Reece are convinced that Molly believes that Peggy is her mother and that she is a dog.

And that Peggy believes that Molly is her daughter and that she’s a bird.

“They play with everything together. They play with balls. Everything that Peggy plays with, Molly plays with them just the same way, ” said Reece.

Peggy absolutely loves sitting outside in the backyard and taking in nature. She enjoys the trees and the birds. And now, so does Molly.

“And so, they’ve been sitting there together. They love to sit and just watch the rain,” Juliette says.

They also have learned how to help each other out with daily chores.

“They’ll just groom each other. Peggy will Molly’s feathers and when Molly sees food on her face, she’ll take it off of her face,” says Juliette.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

More than 750,000 people watched Peggy and Magpie’s video.

“They’re here to spread love,” said Juliette.

Peggy and Molly also have another pitbull sibling named Ruby. The crew has an Instagram page with more than 145,000 followers.

This is incredible! And magpies are so intelligent, more than people realize. I have heard a few stories now online about incredible relationships. Now I always look out for the magpies near home in the hopes of making a friend. What a beautiful relationship!” wrote one commenter.

“That is by far one of the most beautiful, heartwarming stories that I have seen in forever, thank you so much, think my heart grew a bit!” said another.

Learn more about Peggy and Molly’s story in the video below.

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