Owners thought their bald & spotted kitten was sick until they learn she’s actually a wolfcat

May 17th, 2021

They knew Gracie wasn’t ordinary.

But they just thought the bald spotted kitten with the odd fur patterns was just weird looking.

As it turns out, Gracie was something way cooler than that.

That’s because Gracie is a wolfcat or werewolf cat, also known as a Lykoi which means “wolves” in Greek.

According to Wikipedia, Lykoi is a domestic shorthair cat with a natural genetic mutation that sort of looks like what you think a mini werewolf would look like.

The mutation apparently took place in domestic cats in the last 20 years.


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While they can be partially covered in hair, they sometimes are hairless making them look like a Sphynx.

However, DNC testing by UC Davis found that they don’t carry the Sphynx/Devon Rex gene.

The werecat gene breed began in Vonore, Tennessee. The kitten was born with a rare natural mutation.


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Cats with this mutation are called Lykoi or Wolfcats. The video got over 6 million views and over 1 million likes.

Lykoi are known to be extra affectionate and friendly.

Their hairless faces, wedge-shaped heads, and solid body frame covered in a coat that resembles a possum is what gives them their unique appearance.


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A Maine woman named Bree was caring for two pregnant cats and Gracie was among their litters.

“I decided to foster 2 pregnant cats found at a colony site together. They each had their babies 6 days apart and after a week, the two moms joined together and started to raise all 12 babies as one big family,” she told Bored Panda.


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“They took care of each other’s babies as if they were all their own. I noticed one was looking a little frail and losing hair so I immediately took her to the vet to be seen, where I was told she might have had a fever coat previously, but otherwise, she was fine and healthy.”


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Gracie started filling out and getting stronger.

Her hair even started to grow back.

“As she started to grow, I really couldn’t get over how odd she looked and how she looked nothing like her siblings or parents.”


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After some Googling, Bree eventually figured out that Gracie was a wolfcat.

“Based on my own research I have found out that a wolfcat, formally known as a Lykoi is a regular domestic cat that is from a natural genetic mutation among feral cat colonies, which is what her moms came from. She only has 1 coat of fur and will molt about every 6 months. Her fur can be brushed forward and backward, kind of like a wolf’s coat. She has sensitive skin and will need extra attention to monitor her grease and oil build up around her face and feet.”


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Bree, who is a photographer, ended up posted pictures and video of Gracie on social media where they went viral.

The internet absolutely loves Gracie. One of her TikTok videos has more than 6 million views.

“She is just like every other house cat except she looks like a werewolf. She now has 42k followers as well! So that’s pretty cool! We also found out that wolfcats are actually valued at around $3,000, so getting an expensive cat for free is also pretty epic!”

Learn more about Gracie in the video below

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