Man stops traffic to save dog stranded in middle of highway
No one knows how long this poor pup was out there all alone.
D.G. Sciortino

It isn’t known how Pipu ended up on the left shoulder of a Los Angeles freeway.

Or how long she was there.

But it was clear that she wouldn’t be able to get to safety on her own.

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

Thankfully, Eldad from Hope For Paws isn’t afraid of some fast-driving noisy motor vehicles.

Eldad hopped in his car and headed out to rescue Pipu from the dangerous roadway.

He was able to get a police escort during his rescue mission and a friend to come along with him and record Pipu’s rescue.

“I will save this dog,” Eldad declares in a video posted on The Dodo’s Facebook page. “This is a nightmare. Hopefully, I’ll just be able to jump out, grab the dog, jump in, and head to the hospital.”

And Eldad was able to do just that. Pipu was close to the divider and away from traffic as he could get, looking exhausted and filthy when Eldad approached him.

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

The poor thing looked completely vulnerable.

But his head perked up when Eldad approached him. He was perfectly still when Eldad wrapped a blanket around him and carried him into the car.

Eldad was overjoyed to rescue the sweet pup.

“Yay! This is the best!” he said after giving Pipu a few sips of water.

He decided to call the sweet girl PD. According to the dog’s Instagram page, that stands for Pipu Dingbat.

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Next, we see Pipu being taken somewhere to be completely shaved down removing all that dirty fur, matted pieces, and bugs.

She also has her leg wrapped, though it’s unclear why in the video.

Pipu was eventually adopted by Laetitia Wajnapel into a happy home where she also has siblings: a dog named Luke and a cat name Count Brakula.

“She is absolutely a California girl. She now loves the freeway because she gets to be on the lap and look at the cars,” Laetitia told The Dodo.

Her mom says she loves to jump and zoom around with her brother Luke. Laetitia calls Pipu a “goofy princess.”

“No one knows how she ended up on the freeway. Sometimes I just wonder what she’s been through. But she’s happy now. We love her.”

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

The video of Pipu’s rescue was viewed more than 4.6 million times and more than 2,000 people commented on it.

“Thank you for rescuing her. She is so precious. It is great seeing her safe and loved. You are a wonderful person,” wrote one commenter.

“Bless you for rescuing this precious little girl! I to go out of my way to rescue, feed, comfort, and provide a safe haven for animals. They only want love and companionship just like we do. Your actions speak volumes. Best of everything to you and your beloved four-legged babe!” said another.

Pipu currently has more than 1,565 Instagram followers on her Instagram page, which you can find here.

Learn more about Pipu’s rescue in the video below.

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