Man reunites with missing dog but soon finds out he’s an impostor
Jose had finally found his missing dog -- or had he?
Irene Markianou

José Eduardo Millani Ramos was in love with his dog. They played together, snuggled together, and, obviously, they went for walks together.

In fact, every day, when Ramos, who is a doctor and a musician, left for a walk, his four-legged best friend used to walk a short distance with him, and then they would meet back home.

But one day, when Ramos returned from his daily walk, he realized that his beloved Ikki was nowhere to be found.

When he was sure that his dog had gone missing, he posted about it online, hoping that his friends would be able to help him find his friend.

“I felt terrible when he disappeared,” Ramos told The Dodo. “It felt like part of me had been taken away. I needed to know what happened to him.”

Indeed, only a while later, someone posted about a dog that looked exactly like Ikki, saying that it was a lost dog that had been rescued.

When Ramos saw the dog’s spots knew that it was Ikki. So, he went to pick him up.

When the dog saw the man, it was as if they had always been together. It was obvious that it was his lost dog. Or was he?

“I called out his name, and he ran to me,” Ramos said. “He wouldn’t stop licking me.”

YouTube - Sheila Moura
YouTube - Sheila Moura

And when they went home, the dog behaved as if it had always lived there.

“He kissed me. We played,” Ramos said. “I felt complete again.”

But, as the days went by, something started feeling odd. Ramos noticed that the spots “Ikki” had on his back were not exactly like he remembered them.

So, he searched for old photos, and he realized he was right. The dog he had brought home looked like Ikki, but he certainly wasn’t him.

The man knew that the rescued dog was not to blame for the mix-up, but he also knew that he had to find his dog.

So, he went on social media again, and only days later, someone posted about having found a dog that looked like Ikki. This time, it just had to be him.

Unsplash - Michael Jin
Unsplash - Michael Jin

Indeed, when he saw him in person, he knew that it was Ikki indeed. They immediately hugged and his dog couldn’t stop wagging his tail. This time Ramos had found the right dog.

But, what would become of the impostor, who was Paolo by then, now that the real Ikki would be returning home?

As the dog’s owner explained, they decided to adopt him as well.

YouTube - Sheila Moura
YouTube - Sheila Moura

“We decided to keep the impostor. Paolo had been a homeless dog, but now he makes everything feel more complete,” Ramos said. “He’s not to blame. He deserves a home, too.”

It seems that, in a way, this was meant to be. Paolo and Ikki get along really well from the very beginning. They soon became best friends.

What an incredible story! Seriously, what were the chances!

Below, you can watch Ramos meeting his dog after all the time that he had been missing.

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