Mailman Saves Abused Dog
How could someone treat a dog like this?
D.G. Sciortino

As we’ve explained before, a good mail carrier not only delivers the mail but they are also a surveyor of the neighborhood. One Philadelphia mailman went above his call to deliver the mail in order to make sure an abused dog he found in his neighborhood received the care she needed.

The mailman was startled to see a severely emaciated dog with a gaping wound on her head tied to a tree while walking his route.

He stopped right then and there to get the dog some food and water. He also did one further and called the proper authorities and refused to leave the dog’s side until they arrived.

CBS Philly
CBS Philly

The poor Boxer pup, who was named Kuperus, was rushed to Penn Veterinary Hospital to be treated for her head and jaw wounds which were believed to have been caused by a knife or bullet.

She was released to Adopt a Boxer after her surgery where should would recover and finally be given a life that she deserved.

“Everyone at Penn fell head over heels for Kuperus! She had visitors popping in to say hi because everyone was talking about what a darling she was,” Adopt a Boxer Rescue wrote on Facebook. “Kuperus just had surgery to close her wound and to have a drain placed. Her jaw was fractured between her canine and first molar. The doctors wired the jaw together to stabilize it. Kuperus has about 9 broken teeth that will need to be extracted once her jaw is healed in about 4 weeks.”

Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Adopt a Boxer Rescue

The rescue organization raised more than $7,000 to pay for Kuperus’ surgery and recovery costs. They also asked for help in finding the person who was so cruel to her.

“Here’s the first video of Kup! She’s doing very well, eating her 4 meals a day and snuggling up on the dog bed in her very own room,” wrote Allison Moyer on Facebook. “It boggles my mind how she craves attention; she really wants nothing more than to be touched…even after some terrible human beat her and left her to die. Simply amazing.”

Kuperus adjusted very well to her foster home and started to become the happy playful dog that she was meant to be.

Kuperus eventually recovered from her wounds and neglect and became healthy and strong. Now she lives in a forever home where she is loved very much.

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