Magical footage of deer relaxing under cherry blossom trees looks like a fairy tale
It looks like a Disney movie.
Gianella Argao

If we just look deeper enough, there are so many things in this world that can make our days brighter.

This sight in Nara, Japan, can make anyone smile with these two majestic elements: deers and cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossom trees are also known as Sakura flower trees.

There are various images and videos of stunning landscapes that people post online. And one photographer from Japan will definitely give you the best shots.

A stunning video of Japan’s Nara Park was uploaded by Kazuki Ikeda in April. Due to the scenery’s fairytale-like elements, the post became viral online.

It depicts Sika deers, who are allowed to freely wander the area.

These lovely pink blossoms represent rejuvenation since it coincides with the start of spring. Despite how lovely they are, they only live for 16 to 20 years on average.

These trees may also be found in Washington, D.C., however, neither Japan nor D.C. holds the title of “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.” It’s actually in Macon, Georgia!

The scenery is so breathtaking.

In fact, people find it difficult to believe it is all genuine. On the day he shot the ethereal clip, Ikeda was planning a pre-nuptial picture session for a young couple.

He captured some stunning images of the couple, but the cherry blossoms and deer in the backdrop really stole the show.

Nara Park is a famous tourist destination because of all the cherry trees there.

The park is covered in pink blooms when the Sakura flower trees are in bloom. Apart from these gorgeous trees, visitors come to the area to witness the more than a thousand Sika deer that call it home.

These creatures are cherished and guarded by Japanese people who view them as natural treasures. Visitors who purchase special “deer crackers” at the park regularly give these animals goodies.

Deers are accustomed to interacting with huge crowds.

They even have a cute method of requesting food—bowing. The deers that walk freely in Nara Park are “very playful and friendly,” according to Japan’s tourism bureau.

They advise visitors that they can approach the deer for pictures or to buy deer crackers from vendors at the side of the road to feed the animals.

More than two million visit Nara prefecture every year.

During the sakura season, it is frequently crowded with tourists. However, the park has been abnormally empty because of the continuing epidemic. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a state of emergency throughout the nation at the beginning of April 2020.

To show everyone how stunning the city is, Ikeda posted the footage he made of the deers lazing beneath the cherry blossom trees on his Twitter account. He urged readers to travel to the area after the coronavirus threat passes.

The good news is the country is starting to accept tourists as of writing.

This is now the best time to go if you want to see this beautiful scenery.

Until the time comes you can finally visit the park, let’s take a virtual tour of it instead!

Watch the video below to witness the ethereal deers under the Sakura blossoms.

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