Man Miraculously Saves Stray Kitten On The Highway
Who knows what could've happened if he hadn't stopped?
Ryan Aliapoulios

Being a tiny animal in a big and busy human world must be terrifying in some cases.

Although we’re often surrounded by adorable cats and dogs (when we have the space and the patience to raise them, that is), there are still plenty of animals out there without homes. In other cases, animals escape from their homes, get separated from their families and find themselves in dangerous situations. In big cities, these situations can be even more dangerous than usual.

That was exactly the situation for one adorable little kitty in Houston, Texas.

The story began when Rob Acuña Jr. was driving home from work along an overpass.

Though he was just trying to commute home, something on the side of the road caught his eye. At first glance, it just looked like a little lump on the side of the road. “I honestly thought I was seeing things since it had been a long day and I was so tired,” Acuña said in an interview with The Dodo. Regardless, the image had stuck in his mind.

After a few minutes, he turned his car around and started driving back to see what it was.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

He drove carefully along the overpass while keeping his hazard lights on to see what he could find there.

After some searching, he discovered what it was that had caught his eye: a lonely little kitten! He took a video of the incident, where it could clearly be seen that a tiny little kitten was wedged between two concrete barricades. Acting swiftly, he opened the door, reached out, grabbed the kitten despite its cries and got it safely in his car.

If he had acted even a little more slowly, the kitten could’ve easily fallen to its death.

Needless to say, Acuña could not believe what he’d seen.

“The entire time I was in complete disbelief,” he said. “If I had not caught it on camera, I would not believe that it even happened.” While it’s unclear where the little kitty came from, it seems as if the kitten was purposefully abandoned on the side of the road.

Needless to say, he took the sweet little kitten home to his family to give her some food and a nice bath.

After all that, he and his family named her Pepper!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Though things could’ve turned out terribly, Acuña’s quick thinking saved Pepper and made sure she had a home.

“She is doing fantastic,” he says. As it turns out, Acuña’s family has often taken in stray animals in the past, typically to foster them and find them permanent homes after that. Though it’s unclear what will happen with Pepper, the main thing is that she’s totally safe now! There have already been volunteers to adopt her permanently, but Acuña is moving forward more slowly:

“We absolutely love Pepper and know that if we do not keep her, we will find her the best home possible through a rescue . . . what we really want others to know . . . is that there are so many more strays in need!”

Special thanks to Rob and his family for taking such good care of Pepper! Watch the rescue video footage below:

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