Kitten Gets A Photoshoot Like A Newborn

May 11th, 2017

Meet Luna, the pampered 8-week-old Kitty, who just starred in a very special little photoshoot.

Her adoptive mom Kitty Schaub is a photographer that specializes in newborn photography. She decided it would be a great opportunity to do something fun and give Luna her very own professional shoot.

Luna’s family comprises her, her mom Kitty and her husband and their 5-year-old daughter Amelie. She was adopted after a family friend’s cat unexpectedly had a litter of kittens.

Since then Amelie and Luna have been best friends.

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Kitty Lee Photography Source: Kitty Lee Photography

“She and Luna are inseparable,” said Schaub. “They sleep together, play together and eat together.”

Schaub saw this photoshoot as an opportunity to show her off to the world and welcome her to the family.

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Kitty Lee Photography Source: Kitty Lee Photography

“Luna sleeps about 20 hours a day, and since I frequently take newborn photos, we thought it would be cute to take a few photos of her, and that our friends would enjoy it,” Schaub said.

“She sleeps on our laps all the time, and is very cuddly, so I don’t think she minded one bit. She’d let you do pretty much anything if you petted her while you do it!”

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Kitty Lee Photography Source: Kitty Lee Photography

Luna was adorned in all the bits and bobs Schaub uses in her newborn shoots such as headbands and swaddles made of different fabrics. When the shoot was over she decided to share a select few of her images with her friends and family on Facebook.

People went absolutely crazy over the images and they have now been shared more than 60 000 times!

“We had no idea it would blow up like this,” Schaub said. “She didn’t even know what was going on!

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Kitty Lee Photography Source: Kitty Lee Photography

As the images had garnered so much attention, Schaub wanted to think of a way that she could use these images to help others.

She decided to make a calendar out of the images and send the proceeds she had made from her sales to Save-A-Stray – a rescue center in St. Joseph, Michigan.

“We’ve sold about 100 so far,” Schaub said. “I’m hoping to raise much more for them!”

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Kitty Lee Photography Source: Kitty Lee Photography

It’s great to see that something that started off as an innocent and fun idea has become something that’s helping change the lives of many animals in need of love and support.

Source: The Dodo