Woman Dances To 'All About That Bass' - Then Horse Joins For Dance Party Viewed ~4 Million Times
These two have some serious dance moves!
Ashley Brewer

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” was a mega-hit in the pop charts back in 2014. It was hard not to bust out in dance any time it came on the radio. The song was so catchy that even this horse can’t resist breaking out in dance when they hear it.

Emma is a horse trainer from the UK, and she loves hanging out with her horse Cheeky — this includes having dance parties in the stable.

Fred Fredingson via YouTube
Fred Fredingson via YouTube

Emma playfully dances around as “All About That Bass” plays in the background. She bops up and down as a camera films her dancing near Cheeky. It’s clear that the beautiful horse is interested in what Emma is doing, he extends his neck out toward her.

After a few seconds in the spotlight with her dance moves, Emma turns the attention to Cheeky. She looks at the horse and says “back to you!” It’s clear that this is his cue to start letting loose himself, what happens next is absolutely hilarious.

When Emma cues Cheeky to start dancing, he excitedly bobs his head up and down to the beat of the song.

Emma and her friend who is filming can’t help but crack up laughing as the majestic horse nods his head in such a silly fashion. It truly was like he was feeling the beat of the song! Does Cheeky just like this Meghan Trainor song, or is it all music?

Fred Fredingson via YouTube
Fred Fredingson via YouTube

According to Horse Lovers Math, a study was done by researchers at Hartbury College that examined horse’s behavior when different genres of music were played. Apparently, horses liked all music but tended to prefer classical and country music a bit more. Rock was their least favorite genre.

Equus Magazine says that horses bob their heads for many reasons; anxiety, keeping flies away, or even signaling an injury. Cheeky, however, seems to really and truly enjoy “dancing” around with his owner. The head bobs are in such sync with the music!

Cheeky’s adorable and hilarious dance moves in the video below have been viewed over 3.8 million times, and he even has his own fan Facebook page.

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By Ashley Brewer
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