Man rescues dog on the streets. Now dog thanks him by bringing him home the biggest sticks he can find

July 17th, 2020

Snoop had a hard knock life growing up on the streets.

But now, thanks to his human Elliot Ford, it’s the country life for Snoop.

Snoop now lives in the countryside with his dad where he gets to spend lots of time doing his favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Snoop’s favorite thing to do is to find a stick and then carry it around.

But not just any stick.

Snoop has to find the biggest stick that he can possibly carry.

“He loves carrying massive humongous sticks. It’s not even sticks,” Ford told The Dodo. “It’s full-on tree branches.”

Regardless of the size of the branch, Snoop will pick them up as if they were all the same. He proudly and effortlessly carries it as he quickly scurries away with it.

But Snoop didn’t always do this with such ease, he had to work his way up to branches from sticks.

“He did start off really small, but every year he’s kind of taken up a level. Now he’s just turned 5 and he’s is always out to find the biggest stick. About 50 percent of the sticks he carries, he actually does take them home.”

Ford found Snoop living on the streets and knew he couldn’t just leave him there.

He knew that Snoop needed a hero so he decided to be that hero for Snoop.

“Snoop came from a really rough background he was living on the streets,” Ford said.

“I just thought someone needs to do something about this and take him away and give him some food and ultimately give him a better life.”

Once Ford decided he would be that someone, he and Snoop hit it off immediately. It seemed as if Snoop knew what Ford had done for him.

“He created that instant bond with me almost like he knew I rescued him,” Ford said. “I grew up in the countryside so as soon as I took him home, he was probably just amazed that there is this other life. It made me feel good knowing that he’s now free and can do what he wants.”

Aside from finding gigantic sticks and carrying them home, Snoop also likes to play in the mud.

“He loves being in the mud so much. He’ll jump in it and roll around in it, almost like being a pig,” Ford explains.

This can be a challenge since Snoop is not a fan of showering.

It can be quite the task to get that muddy dog cleaned.

Other than that, he just really loves to be around his dad. And the feeling is mutual.

“I’ve never really had a bond with a dog before, I’ve never actually owned a dog. It’s always been a big unknown for me. So, having that friendship and that bond here is, there’s no one like Snoop. He’s a one of a kind dog.”

“Especially during difficult times having Snoop in my life and at home with me is just a hell of a lot better,” Ford said. “I think he’s probably just thankful that I was around to rescue him and take him away with me.”

You can follow Snoop on in Instagram page at thebigsnoopdog and learn more about his story in the video below.

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Source: The Dodo, thebigsnoopdog