Goose saves abandoned puppy from freezing to death
She took him under her wing.
Emma Shallcross

If we spotted an abandoned animal out in the freezing cold, most of us would do our absolute best to get the poor thing to safety as soon as possible. Us humans have a lot of empathy for animals and understand that we have a responsibility to respect and care for the living things on our planet. The care that we provide for animals is often mirrored in the care that an animal mom will give to their babies- but how often have you seen two totally different types of animal care for each other?

Well, that’s exactly what happened in this next story, when a picture of a goose looking after an abandoned puppy began to circulate on social media.

Despite the goose being a goose, and the puppy being a puppy, the two animals formed a maternal connection as the adult goose felt pity for the tiny puppy who was dependent on her for survival. The photos of the pair cuddling are so adorable, that we knew we’d have to share them with you.


After coming across the unique scene of a puppy cuddled up with a goose, a passer-by decided to take some pictures of the rare sight to share over onto social media, where it quickly began to circulate. The poor helpless puppy was believed to have been abandoned by his mama shortly after birth, and was incredibly fortunate to come across the accommodating goose.

Even though the puppy wasn’t one of her own, the goose must have felt empathy for the little puppy and realized that if she didn’t act fast, he was going to die.

So she takes him (quite literally) under her wing and holds him close to her body. She knows that sharing her body heat with the little puppy is the quickest way to warm him up and keep him alive.

The cute pictures show the goose with both wings wrapped protectively around the tiny puppy. She even puts her head lovingly onto his back, whilst still making sure she keeps a lookout for any dangers around her. She truly looks like she’s the mom for this puppy, and you can see how much she cares for him already!


The pictures have been shared multiple times across Facebook and different Chinese social media platforms, so we can’t be sure of the original poster. One Facebook post of the sweet moment gained popularity fast, with over 235,000 shares, and contained a caption which seemed to explain the situation in a little more detail:

“A man finds a goose that was shaking with cold stuck to a pole in Montana. When approaching, the surprise is capital. The goose was sheltering with her wings a puppy that was about to die frozen.

We have so much to learn as a species …”


However, as we don’t know who posted the pictures first, we will never know how accurate this story is!

Regardless, looking at these pictures has made our hearts feel so full – and we reckon us humans could learn some lessons from this empathetic goose.

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