Meet the ‘brew dogs,’ two golden retrievers delivering beer during social distancing
These good boys are helping their owners maintain their business by delivering beer during lockdown!
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During these unfortunate times, we are currently practicing what is called the “new normal” wherein there are new sets of rules to be followed to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

These clever people found a loophole in the rules.

These brewery owners found a way to do business while not violating any social distancing rules. Mark and Karen Heuwetter, the co-founders of Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington, New York, thought of a clever way to bring brews to their customers amidst the ongoing pandemic.

They had their Golden Retrievers deliver their golden brew.

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The brewery is considered an “essential business,” and so the owners of Six Harbors Brewing Company continued their operation. Even though the company didn’t typically do deliveries and curbside pick-ups, the owners had no choice but to go with that flow to run their business.

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The couple has observed many people training dogs to deliver things, and so they adapted the idea and trained their golden retrievers, Buddy and Barley, to bring beer to their customers. They are called the “Brew Dogs,” and they are adorable.

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To maintain proper social distancing, the Heuwetters brought their dogs with them in their delivery vehicle.

They made the dogs some a brew holder that could carry around four cans of beers and tied it around the dogs’ necks like a collar. However, the Heuwetters clarified that they were hanging empty cans on the makeshift carrier.

“We’re dog-loving people and we wouldn’t want to have them get hurt in any way or shake up the beer,” explained the Heuwetters to CNBC.

These dogs became famous brew mascots.

As the humans wore their gloves and facemasks, they then proceed to drop off the beer at a safe spot where Buddy and Barley would wait for customers. The customers would then be surprised to see the stationed dogs with beer cans on their necks, leaving them an option to snap some photos with the adorable dogs.

The dogs have become celebrities as they have assisted their owners in their deliveries.

They have already helped their owners achieve four to 12 deliveries in a day, and the dogs helped their brewery become famous on social media.

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Amidst the crisis we are facing right now, the “brew dogs” Buddy and Barley were able to bring us joy with cans of beer on their necks. Even before, the Heuwetters said that their dogs developed the friendly habit of greeting their customers. They’ve been the unofficial greeters since the establishment opened in 2018.

“He was like the mayor,” Heuwetter said. “He would go out there every single table and greet people and get petted because quite frankly he’s a dog, he wants to have pets.”

The legend of the St. Bernard. Lin
Source: Lin

Long ago, there is a legend about St. Bernard dogs that carried barrels of whiskey around their necks to help stranded travelers. It’s been said that these dogs accompanied monks and helped rescue travelers in the snow during the 17th century.

The dog would lie on the person buried in the snow to warm them up, and the theory suggested that they brought whiskey or brandy in their barrels for the travelers to drink. Whether the legends are true or not, you cannot deny that dogs have been a huge part in people’s ventures ever since.

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