Elderly Feral Cat Becomes Grandfather For Foster Kittens

August 2nd, 2017

Grandpa Mason is an old feral cat who got used to living on his own and doing things the way he liked them. He lived on a rural, derelict farm with about 60 other feral cats. He would have happily spent the rest of his days hanging out in his barn, but a developer bought the land where he lived. The developer allowed the rescue group TinyKittens to come in and trap, neuter, and release the cats.

When TinyKittens examined Mason, they found that his tail was broken in multiple places, he had a growth on his paw, and he had advanced kidney disease. TinyKittens had planned to bring Mason back to the farm—the developer said that the feral cats could stay, and they also said that they would feed them. But unfortunately, Mason was too sick to be on his own. So a TinyKittens staff member brought him home.

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Mason had trouble adjusting to his new home at first—he thought of humans as predators, and he would often hiss at people if they got close to them. It took a while for Mason to get used to being in a house, but after some time, he finally seemed content.

TinyKittens didn’t think Mason would ever be completely happy in his new home. But then, he met a group of orphaned foster kittens.

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The foster kittens were living in a small space off of the TinyKittens’ staff member’s main house. One day, the staff member brought the kittens into the main house to work on their socialization. The kittens invaded Mason’s lair, climbing on him and licking him. The TinyKittens’ staff member thought that Mason was going to hiss at the kittens or bite them. But to her surprise, Mason let the little kittens jump all over him.

After that, TinyKittens’ staff members began bringing the kittens to see Mason every day. Mason always looks forward to spending time with the kittens. Mason and the kittens chase each other around the house, play with toys, and wrestle with each other. Mason also helps teach the kitten important socialization skills.

Mason’s health has also improved—his kidneys have stabilized, and his weight is steady. This elderly cat looks great, and he is enjoying himself immensely.

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Growing up in the wild, Mason never got a chance to really be a kitten. Now, he is getting a chance to play and frolic like he never has before. If you’d like to learn more about Mason and his adorable kittens, check out the video below.

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Old Feral Cat Becomes Grandpa To Foster KittensThis old feral cat hated living in a home — until he met the loves of his life ?

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