Family rescue kitten but realize later than it wasn’t a house cat

July 4th, 2021

When landscaper Jared Yost was out mowing the lawn, he found what appeared to be a tiny kitten at the corner of a parking lot. It was loudly meowing for help!

He did what any caring landscaper would do.

It was the middle of June in Minnesota, and with no one to take care of the stray anywhere in sight, he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the poor kitten alone.

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andreas160578 Source: andreas160578

Yost decided to take the little cat home, and soon, he was introducing it to his family.

Immediately, they began bonding with the beautiful kitten.

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Jared Allen Yost Source: Jared Allen Yost

The kitten didn’t know what to think, but the family did their best to show her some love and affection.

They even gave her a warm blanket and a small dish of milk to enjoy. What more could a kitten need?

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YouTube Screenshot / WLPG10 / Jared Yost Source: YouTube Screenshot / WLPG10 / Jared Yost

Yost made plans to take the kitten to the veterinarian’s office the next day to get her checked out.

At the very least, she would need to have the proper shots if they were going to keep her.

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Plus, there were so many unanswered questions still.

It was clear that the kitten was a girl, but what breed was she? They had never seen anything quite like her unique markings.

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Facebook Comments Video Screenshot / Jared Allen Yost Source: Facebook Comments Video Screenshot / Jared Allen Yost

Later on that night, something startling happened that gave the family a hint as to the true nature of the beast.

The kitten started making loud howling and screeching noises. The sounds reminded the family of something much wilder than a common house cat.

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Facebook Comments Video Screenshot / Jared Allen Yost Source: Facebook Comments Video Screenshot / Jared Allen Yost

Kittens can make some loud meows, but nothing like these sort of meows.

Yost began to suspect something was up, and the next day, his suspicions were confirmed. It was a kitten but not of the house cat variety.

It was actually a wild bobcat!

Luckily, the baby bobcat managed to spend the night hanging out with the family inside the home without causing too much chaos.

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milesz Source: milesz

However, the next day, they ultimately handed her over to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. The group posted this Facebook status thanking the family for rescuing the little cutie:

“A very observant client heard a kitten crying for help in a car lot the other night. After bringing home the stray kitten and listening to it, he started suspecting it wasn’t a domestic breed.”

“24 hours later and we have our first Bobcat kitten of the summer. We’re thankful he found the tiny Bobcat before it was hit by a car.”

They also posted a cute photo of the baby bobcat, along with an important health update.

“The kitten appears to be in good health but was dehydrated. She’ll spend a few days with us stabilizing then we’ll transfer her to another rehabber who works with bobcats,” the post reads.

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According to the WRCMN, the vets looked her over and the bobcat kitten is going to do just fine.

Once she is healthy and strong enough to take of herself on her own, the bobcat will be released back into the wild. However, for the moment, she still has some growing up to do.

While a family’s home is no place for a bobcat, the rehabber will now make sure that the baby bobcat gets the proper care that she needs.

Watch the full video of the story below to see more images of the baby bobcat.

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