This Elephant Wants To Play, But His Caretaker Wants To Work

January 24th, 2019

Sometimes, animals just want to have fun. And this baby elephant is as playful as can be.

The only problem is, is that he just needs someone to play with him.

Khunsuk is just one of the elephants at the Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai Thailand.

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The camp is located in the Maesa Valley which is home to the largest assembly of domesticated elephants in northern Thailand, according to the Maesa Elephant Camp’s website.

There are more than 80 elephants at the camp now who work at the camp and entertain tourists.

A lot of work goes into maintaining the camp and all of the elephants on site and that’s what 20-year-old Dan Daeng was trying to do.

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Daeng was hard at work trying to cover bamboo poles in a coat of protective paint so that they’d withstand the coming winter.

But Khunsuk didn’t want to do any work. He wanted to play. He also didn’t want to play alone.

He wanted someone to playtime. And that specific someone was Daeng. But Daeng did want to work. A fact that the 1-year-old elephant didn’t seem to care about.

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Khunsuk playful kept tapping Daeng on this shoulder. He was desperately trying to get Daeng’s attention.

But Daeng was ignoring the elephant and trying to get along with his task.

Khunsuk was having it. He kept tapping at the elephant’s leg. Eventually, he gave Khunsuk a firm smack on his shoulder.

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Daeng moves away to try to focus on the task at hand. But Khunsuk isn’t about to give up. The little elephant stands up on the fence and reachers over.

He then uses his hands and trunk to try and pull Daeng toward him. Khunsuk here is pretty dead set on having some playtime with Daeng right now.

Watch sweet little Khunsuk in the video below. Khunsuk isn’t the only baby elephant who wants to play. This little elephant at the Elephant Freedom Program in Northern Chiang Mail Thailand wants to play time.

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He’s turning bathtime into fun time. His caretakers are trying to pour water for his bath.

But this baby decided he wanted to chase around his caretaker instead.

The two of them took off running as everyone else got a good chuckle out of it. You can watch this fun loving little elephant in the video below.

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