Duck runs NYC marathon with the best of them in the cutest little duck boots
Wrinkle may not have the stamina of other star athletes but she captured hearts with her enthusiasm. It's one small step for humans and one giant waddle for duck-kind.
Kate Miano

On a beautiful fall day in early November, runners from all over the world gathered to run the New York City marathon. Among them was a tiny duck, ready to run along with everyone else.

Wrinkle is game for about everything.

A rising star

She lives in New York City with her owners, and they take her just about everywhere.

She’s become a bit of an internet celebrity due to her lust for life and all the adventures she gets up to.

Glam shots on the run

While Wrinkle was already crushing her Insta posts, it was these photos and videos of her running the marathon that really got people talking about her.

TikTok - seducktiv
TikTok - seducktiv

Love at first waddle

When her owners posted pictures and stories of their little duck sprinting with the best of them at the marathon, people fell in love.

While she might not have the stamina of other star athletes, she captured audiences’ hearts with her enthusiasm.

As she runs along, she really seems to be enjoying being with the crowd, and the other runners look delighted to have her there.

TikTok - seducktiv
TikTok - seducktiv

Footwear fit for a duck

Her owners made her the perfect little duck running shoes.

New York is a city of walkers, and that means that any species that lives there needs to have suitable footwear in order to protect their feet.

For Wrinkle, that means little booties that velcro around her ankles and have rubble soles that will stay durable through many adventures.

She didn’t end up finishing the race, but she still earned a lot of love.

Enough is enough.

TikTok - seducktiv
TikTok - seducktiv

In the last snippet of the video, Wrinkle is pictured resting on a stair on a building stoop.

In the background, you can see runners are still going by her, indicating that the race is still ongoing.

Wrinkle is content with her accomplishment.

TikTok - seducktiv
TikTok - seducktiv

She seems completely comfortable among the crowd. Although a duck probably doesn’t know what the New York City Marathon is, Wrinkle looks pretty pleased with herself for her strong efforts in the race.

Now, Adidas wants to collaborate with her.

It’s not just Adidas that wants a piece of this duck action, either.

Can you imagine a duck influencer? Apparently, that might happen with some of the biggest brands in fashion and athletics reaching out to her via social media with support.

Adidas commented on Wrinkle’s TikTok and the brand seemed fascinated with her little duck shoes. The brand said:

“Sending this to our design team to petition for a new duck shoe collection.”

flickr - adifansnet
flickr - adifansnet

At that point, Wrinkle’s social media managers (her owners) commented and explained that they are open to sponsorships.

Expect to see more Wrinkle in your life.

She was even invited to a film festival after her run.

It’s clear that Wrinkle was born to be a star. As her run in the Marathon demonstrates, she is one lucky duck who is up for anything and knows how to please a crowd.

And, if a duck can participate in a marathon, so can anyone.

See Wrinkle rock the NYC marathon below!

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