Duck Rescued As Baby Always Comes Back To Man Who Saved His Life

June 1st, 2020

You hear of dogs being a man’s best friend, and sometimes of even cats having a close relationship with their owners. We form close bonds with our pets as we spend most of our home lives with them and take the time to play, pet, and cuddle with them.

So with that in mind, a man and a duck are probably one of the least likely pairs we would consider. But as it turns out, ducks seem to have great memories.

When one kind stranger saved the life of a little duckling, he instantly took to the man and has stayed by his side ever since.

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Little throwback of when I was a month or so old…still loved dada’s shoulder at that time!!

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Steven Thibeault lives in Nahant, Massachusetts, where he runs an apartment complex. One day he noticed a tiny duckling struggling to stay afloat in one of the complex’s pools, and he didn’t hesitate to save his life. Once out of the water, Steven was sadly not able to reunite the duckling with his mama, and Steven knew that the responsibility was now in his hands.

The baby duck would not survive without his mom, so Steven made the decision to take him home in his car and care for him. He named the duck Cheerio, and the pair instantly formed a close bond.

The little duckling even rode on his shoulder as they drove home together.

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Cruising the mean streets of Nahant with Dada!…check out his beard that thing is fierce!…lol

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Steven’s original plan had been to care for the duckling until he was old enough to survive on his own, but Cheerio had other ideas.

He felt safe with Steven, and although he went off on his duck adventures whilst Steven was at work, flew around, swam in a nearby lake, and played with his other duck friends, he always returned home to greet Steven in the afternoon.

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Just chilling with Reeses!…we miss you Snickers! 😥

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Cheerio even has made a friend in Steven’s cat, Reeses!

Steven always makes sure that Cheerio is able to come and go whenever he fancies it, but Cheerio is perfectly happy where he is, thanks very much. The ducks are still his favorite animal to hang out with, though.

“He gets along great with other ducks, especially males,” Steven said. “He is a little shy when it comes to the ladies at this point in his life but hopefully that will change. He also hangs out with other duck and geese species like eider ducks, mallards and brant geese who spend their winters here in Nahant. He also has a few seagull buddies too.”

Cheerio has such a close bond with Steven that he will climb onto his shoulders and even allow himself to be held for cuddles. You can tell that he is forever grateful for the day that Steven changed his life, and this pair’s special bond will go on till the end.

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Source: The Dodo, Cheeriotheduck