Tiny Donkey Wants Desperately To Be A Clydesdale, Has Internet In Stitches As He Pleads His Case
This is too funny, I can't stop laughing at this!
Kristi Shinfuku

An adorable commercial has the internet filled with laughter and hope as a slightly older Budweiser commercial has the internet falling in love with a little donkey with big dreams. Budweiser’s legendary Clydesdale horses are well known within the farming and racing community since their horse team was established in 1933 as a celebration of the end of prohibition.

In the video, a young donkey is seen describing his lifelong dream to be a part of this epic team. A brief montage is shown of him working to achieve his dreams and making up for everything that he naturally lacks. From pulling beer in pulley to getting hair extensions on his legs, the donkey tries to do whatever he can to achieve his dreams.


Then, he manages to get a chance to show his hard work and dedication to the Clydesdale horses and gives a hilarious reply at his audition. While we don’t know what he said because it is in his native tongue, we do get to see the adorable guy become a part of the Budweiser team!

The end result is inspirational, touching, and absolutely hilarious. We love commercials with a message, and this one that fills us with hope is absolutely fantastic. It’s a bit of an older video, but we truly love it nonetheless, and its tale is as classic at the beer itself.

Who knew that we could learn so much about life through a Donkey in a beer commercial?

Take a look at the video below, and tell us how you feel about the video!

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