Heartbroken Dog Visits Owners Grave Everyday

August 3rd, 2017

Dogs are known for being loyal, but this pooch won’t leave his human’s side even after death.

Cesur is a small dog who lived with his best friend and human, Mehmet Ilhan, in Bursa, Turkey. Mehmet had been suffering from an illness for years. When he finally died early this year, Cesur took it much harder than most.

This little loyal canine went viral after those at Mehmet’s funeral and visitors to his grave shared images. Cesur refused to leave his human, even following the funeral, and his mourning was clear during the solemn event.

Mehmet had been paralyzed by his illness but mostly stayed at home. Throughout his later years, Cesur was Mehmet’s faithful companion, always at his side. Mehmet’s son, Ali Ilhan, explained to the Dodo:

“Because of my father’s paralysis, they had a different kind of connection.”

In fact, the two were so closely connected that when Mehmet was taken to the hospital, Cesur was unable to go on with his normal life.

“When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating.”

Even with such a strong connection between human and canine, neither Ali nor other family and friends expected Cesur to take Mehmet’s death so hard.

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Ali Ilhan Source: Ali Ilhan

Once Mehmet’s body was brought home, Cesur took up his spot at its side.

No matter what happened, Cesur remained next to Mehmet’s body, staying close to his best friend. The mourners created a procession to bring the coffin from Mehmet’s home to the local mosque where the funeral was hold. Cesur was with them every step of the way, near the head of the pack with the coffin.

In fact, Cesur was very adamant that he be there for the service. According to Ali:

“Nobody could touch him until my father was taken to the grave and was buried.”

Cesur stayed close throughout the entirety of the ceremony. Based on pictures as well as the statements of those at the funeral, Cesur spent the funeral with his head hanging in a clear expression of grief and sadness. It was clear that he understood what happened and would miss his human companion.

Unfortunately, Cesur seems to still miss his human dearly.

Everyone handles grief differently, and the funeral service that brought closure to Mehmet’s friends and family did not have the same result for Cesur.

Every single one of the five days following the funeral, Cesur made the walk through their town to spend time with his closest friend in the cemetery.

Cesur lives with Ali now, but there is no way to replace Mehmet in his heart. Interestingly enough, Ali did not notice what Cesur was doing right away. According to the Dodo, Cesur would leave when Ali went to work and he originally thought nothing of it.

Eventually, he decided to follow the pooch and realized that Cesur had been making the solemn path to the cemetery from his home every day by himself. Cesur did not even require help finding it, despite only being there once. He instinctually remembered how to get to his best friend.

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Ali Ilhan Source: Ali Ilhan

Now Ali knows that:

“The first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father.”

Since the workers at the cemetery told him about the dog’s loyalty, Ali has accompanied Cesur to the gravesite multiple times so neither has to be alone with their grief.

No matter how long it takes Cesur to recover from his grief, Ali promises that:

“He will live with me from now on.”

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Ali Ilhan Source: Ali Ilhan

Cesur will always be loved and well-cared for while he remembers his strong bond with Mehmet and continues it with Ali.

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