Rescuers find dog abandoned in mountains with mouth taped shut, immediately rush him to hospital

August 3rd, 2017

In October of 2015, security officers at a subdivision in Maine found an abandoned pit bull puppy. The poor dog’s mouth was taped shut, and he had horrific injuries around his snout.

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Bethel Animal Hospital Source: Bethel Animal Hospital

The security officers rushed the puppy to Bethel Animal Hospital in Bethel, Maine. The veterinarians were shocked by the poor animal’s injuries. Veterinarian technician Kathy Farren told WMTW:

“I just burst into tears. He looked pretty pathetic when he first walked in.”

The veterinarians named the puppy Blue, and they did surgery to repair his lips and remove dead tissue. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Blue began to heal!

Bethel Animal Hospital posted photos of Blue to their social media pages, and they immediately received an outpouring of support. They received donations for Blue’s medical costs, and they also had many people asking to adopt Blue. Bethel Animal Hospital knew Blue was going to find a great new forever home.

“”[He’s] very friendly, very outgoing. [He] loves to give kisses, knows some commands,” Farren said. “He’s been loved by somebody at some point in time. I think he is a fighter, I think he’s going to be just fine.”

Once Blue was healed, he moved to his new home, where they welcomed him with a sweet sign.

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Instagram, Mainebluedog Source: Instagram, Mainebluedog

In his new home, Blue spends his days frolicking through rivers and running through the trees.

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He also loves hanging out with his new mom.

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Instagram, Mainebluedog Source: Instagram, Mainebluedog

Unfortunately, in late 2016, Blue faced another medical setback.

Blue was diagnosed with Medial Compartment Disease—a disease that affected his joints. Blue had to undergo surgery to fix his joints. In the six weeks after the surgery, he could only go on short walks. The rest of the time, his owners took him around in the “Boo Mobile.” Blue tolerated the short walks and the Boo Mobile, but he clearly couldn’t wait to frolic and play again.

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Instagram, Mainebluedog Source: Instagram, Mainebluedog

Now, Blue is back on his feet and doing better than ever.

On his Instagram page, Blue’s owner shares photos and videos of Blue’s life. The pup looks like he’s incredibly happy!

Blue has gone through numerous hardships in his short life, but this pup is still friendly and cheerful. After everything he has been through, it seems like this sweet pup has a great life ahead of him!

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featured image credit: Jeanne Boelsma via WMTV source: Goodfullness, WMTW