Dog with ‘saddest’ face looks for new home after being surrendered to shelter
That sad face will break your heart and would want to adopt him, too.
Cherie Gozon

Animals bring smiles to our faces almost every time we see them.

Their sweet antics warm our hearts. Yes, even if they destroy a few things at home sometimes, we can always laugh about it, especially when we see how sorry they are.

Unsplash - Caleb Fisher
Unsplash - Caleb Fisher

In return, we hope we could bring happiness to them, too. We may only have them for a short time, but we are their hooman for all their lives. That smile and wagging tail let us know we’ve brought them much joy.

However, when we see sad dogs, it is totally heartbreaking.

It feels out of character for them because we know how they would love to express their joy. Unfortunately, some dogs feel sad on the inside, especially those who were abandoned, abused, and surrendered.

Unsplash - Tillmann Hübner
Unsplash - Tillmann Hübner

We’d give anything to see them happy again, wouldn’t we? And that’s what people in Orlando showed for a poor dog who captured the hearts of many.

Meet Guapo, the sad dog of Orange County Animal Services.

He was featured in a video on the organization’s Facebook page, and his face was the first on that video. It was also the face that launched a thousand visits to their shelter.

They posted the video of surrendered animals – dogs and cats – with a heartbreaking, soul-crushing message, a truth they face every day.

“We see the results of all those surrenders reflected on every sad face. We see the heartbreak. None of these animals know what they did wrong. None of them understand why they are here. All they know is one moment they were happy and safe, and the next, they’re in a strange and terrifying place. They miss their owners. They miss their homes.”

After they posted that video, they received tons of inquiries about Guapo.

The shelter told FOX 35 Orlando that after they posted that video, people came in “by dozens,” and they also received a lot of inquiries via email. It was an overwhelming response for a 2-second exposure.

They believe that his face captured most hearts because his eyes reflected his soul – sad and confused about why he was surrendered. It spoke volumes to people who wanted to give love to this sad dog.

Soon enough, he was adopted and was renamed Rosco.

Orange County Animal Services gave an update on his situation, and you can see how his demeanor changed when he saw his new family. You can feel it even in the video how happy he was.

He slowly showed a shy smile and wagged his tail – all were signs of hope, happiness, and brighter days for Rosco. They also updated how Rosco was doing in his new home and one picture where he was cuddling with his new brother. He had a home where he felt safe.

The shelter sent out two strong messages through Rosco’s story.

For one, they begged people to know that adopting or buying an animal is a commitment and that, in so doing, they intend to keep them.

The other was to continue helping other animals by adopting the others in their shelter. They said they might not show their sadness as Rosco did, but they were just as sad.

Check out that video that made Guapo/Rosco famous below!

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By Cherie Gozon
Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.