Dog with severe burns reunites with kind vet who saved his life

July 15th, 2020

They say that elephants never forget, but after reading this story, we’re pretty confident that this saying should also apply to dogs! After a dog was brought into the vets with severe burns, it was clear to see that he was just moments away from death. Vets did everything they could to save him, and miraculously, the dog survived. One man in particular was responsible for the injured dog’s transformation, and the pooch he saved wasn’t in a hurry to forget about him!

When we came across an emotional video of the two being reunited, it’s obvious just how clearly the pup remembers the man who saved his life. The moment is so beautiful that we just knew we had to share it with you!

Get those tissues ready, as this video might give you a bit of a sniffle.

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Smokey the dog was found chained to a tree in the middle of a fire in Jupiter, Florida, and it wasn’t looking promising for the poor dog.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and rescued Smokey in the hopes that something could be done to save him, and he was rushed straight to The Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center. Explaining what exactly went into his treatment, the center said:

“Fen [formerly Smokey] was found tied to a tree in March 2017 with third-degree burns so severe that his leg was burned down to the bone. After spending a lot of time with us at JPESC, Constant care, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and tender loving care, he was adopted by Dr. Katelyn Thomas.”

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Smokey might have gone on to have his happy ending, but that didn’t mean that he was about to forget about those who saved his life!

His new human mom decided to bring Smokey back to the place that he spent so long recovering at, and his reaction is priceless. The center posted:

“Earlier this week, Smokey came back to JPESC. As you can see, he is SO thankful for all of the care, love, and treatments that he received during his time with us! Welcome back, Smokey!”

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They then shared a video of the special moment when the pair were reunited and added:

“Look who’s BACK!!!!!! SMOKEY! Judging by this reunion, we are pretty sure that Smokey knows how much Dr. Latimer and all of his nurses helped him!”

We can see just how happy and full of gratitude Smokey is as he runs up to Dr. Latimer and starts licking his face, his tail wagging a-mile-a-minute.

We absolutely love how emotional the vet starts to get as well – it really shows just how much this job means to him!

Since then, Smokey has had yet another meetup with his favorite vet, and of course, the center had to share the moment with us. The video is captioned: “No matter how much time passes, Fen always remembers his best buddy, Dr. Latimer, who helped save him! Best buddies!” and it still manages to bring a tear to our eyes!

So what’s Smokey up to these days? Well according to JPESC,

“He has an amazing and happy life now, and even gained a doggie brother. We love this sweet, amazing and resilient boy so much!”

We’re so glad that this lucky pup got a second chance at life, and none of it would have been possible without the help of Dr. Latimer! Check out more heartwarming stories over on JPESC’s Facebook page.

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Source: The Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center