Owner takes dog paragliding then films it to capture dog’s reaction
I was surprised by the dog's reaction.
Ma Fatima Garcia

Dog owners know all too well that each dog has its own unique personality.

Each one has their own favorite toy, sport, pastime, and treats. But wouldn’t you be extra lucky when your pet dog shares your passion?

Meet the fluffy Ouka, a three-year-old Samoyed who was adopted by filmmaker Shams. The best buddies now live in France and share the same hobbies.

Shams have always loved traveling. So imagine the thrill and happiness he felt when his dog, Ouka, showed the same enthusiasm.

Together, they document each travel and adventure and post it on their Instagram page.

They hike; camp, and just recently, the duo shared a rare bonding moment.

Using a custom-made harness, the duo would jump off cliffs and paraglide through the air. Ouka, like a cloud, would dangle over the vast nature, and he loves it!

Can a dog paraglide? Isn’t this dangerous? What if he’s afraid?

Many people who have seen random clips of Shams and Ouka gave mixed reactions. Some were afraid for the dog’s safety, and some were happy about the bond that they share.

Shams has always been open about how their bond of paragliding started. According to him, he saw his dog’s interest whenever he prepared to paraglide.

He allowed Ouka to get close to him, and Sham saw his dog’s interest.

Ouka wanted to try it.

Shams saw how Ouka loved the outdoors. Even when they were up on the mountain, his dog didn’t show any fear.

As a responsible owner, before taking off with his dog, Shams made sure everything was perfect for him and Ouka.

The first thing Shams did was to create a customized harness for Ouka. The design aimed to carry Ouka’s weight and make him feel comfortable, even if they were up in the air.

After that, he trained Ouka for a month.

When Shams saw his dog was ready, they waited for the perfect weather and took their first paragliding experience together.

Ouka wasn’t scared at all.

He was so relaxed and happy, and for Shams, spending this special time with his best friend was priceless.

As a little backstory, both Shams and Ouka, before meeting each other, weren’t in the best or happiest part of their lives.

Shams experienced depression and didn’t really know what to do with his life. Ouka was surrendered twice and was extremely neglected.

The poor dog had fleas and matted fur.

They met, and their lives changed. They found their purpose, and now, they’re spending so much time together.

Ouka loves being outside. He enjoys his freedom, the feel of fresh air, the feel of the grass, and the happiness of flying.

Most of all, he’s being loved and taken care of by his best buddy, Shams.

Indeed, Ouka’s love for nature and adventure perfectly matches that of his owner.

You can see how much they love each other and what they do. They have found each other, and together, they are living the best life!

You can follow their fun adventures here.

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