German Shepherd Dog Helps With Chores Around The House
Mariah Wirihana

Baron the German Shepherd might seem like your average dog if you were to pass him in the street but step into the home of the Riley family and you’d see that he is in fact much more.

Barcroft Youtube
Barcroft Youtube

Linda Riley and her son Alexander adopted Baron when he was just a 12-week-old puppy. Since then, he’s shown an impressive level of intelligence and dedication through his training, resulting in some amazing household skills.

Linda is a professional dog trainer, so from the moment Baron was brought home, his lessons began.

“Baron is very smart he catches on very quickly. German Shepherds are overall very eager to please and they want to learn,” said Linda.

While most dogs are taught to sit, wait, jump, high-five – Baron’s skill set goes above and beyond.

Barcroft Youtube
Barcroft Youtube

Among all of those things, Baron is also able to:

  • Load the dishwasher
  • Wipe the windows
  • Dust
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Load and unload the washer and the dryer
  • Put the toilet seat down
  • Turn the light switches on and off,
  • And tuck Alexander into bed

Just to name a few…

It’s hard to believe that he knows all of these tricks at just 2-years-old!

“I don’t push him too hard, we just have a good time with everything that we do,” said Linda.

Barcroft Youtube
Barcroft Youtube

Baron’s superpowers lie not only with the fact that he’s an amazing helper around the house but also because of his loyalty to the family.

“Baron is like an overprotective dad. When we’re out in public and there’s the three of us, Baron will be on the outside of Alexander, pushing him into me. When people come up to talk to us, he’ll cut them off and stand in front of us,” said Linda.

“Anytime we’re out, his eyes are constantly on Alexander. He does not look away, he’s all that matters. If Alexander falls down and cries, he’s the first one there.”

Alexander and Baron are best friends. Linda believes that the training that Alex does with Baron is a massive reason why their bond is so strong.

Baron doesn’t just help out with the chores, he’s truly part of the family.

Barcroft Youtube
Barcroft Youtube

“Even after long days, he’s still wagging his tail, drooling all over me, bringing a ball for me to throw – he’s just always making me laugh,” said Linda. “He is very loyal, I have no doubt that that dog would give his life for us if he had to.”

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By Mariah Wirihana
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