Dog And Duck Become Best Friends
Mariah Wirihana

Barclay is a happy and energetic golden retriever. He and his best friend Rudy, a Pekin Duck, may have had a rocky start but now, they’ve got a wonderful friendship based on playfulness, respect, and acceptance.


In the early days, Barclay saw Rudy just wanted to eat the duck food that Rudy and his friends had in their coop. He had an insatiable desire for the duck food, but whenever he tried to eat the food, Rudy, the alpha duck, chased him away.


Barclay and Rudy spent so much time fighting with one another that it gave them a rare opportunity to get closer and develop a bond.

Fast forward a few months and their mother Pam Barclay feels as though they are really benefiting from each others company.


“[Barclay] likes to drink their bath water and, if he happens to be stealthy enough, he loves to sniff a little duck butt.” And as for Rudy, he’s become a fan of dog climbing: “Now Rudy has to ‘claim’ Barclay every once in a while by climbing on top of him. Barclay doesn’t seem to mind terribly because that gives him the opportunity to sniff Rudy’s butt – win-win!”


“When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other.”


“Rudy and Barclay need each other – I think that’s why they have such a strong bond, they’re like the oddballs on the playground. No one else will play with them, so lucky for them, they found each other.”

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By Mariah Wirihana
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Mariah is a contributing writer at Shareably. She is based on the Sunhine Coast, Australia and can be reached at [email protected]