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Dog darts into blazing house to rescue kitten

September 8th, 2020

Some mistake cats and dogs as forever rivals.

The truth is, canines and felines are perfectly capable of loving each other and often do.

They do have a lot in common, after all.

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Cats and dogs are an all-time adorable duo.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Why not both? Por qué no los dos?

This is the true tale of a beautiful friendship. A love that transcends species.

Witness an incredible bond between cat and dog, strengthened amid the fierce flames of disaster.

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Years ago, a defense industry building housed an explosion near Donetsk City, Ukraine.

The resulting fire wreaked local havoc.

Giant flames and thick plumes enveloped the surrounding areas, threatening all nearby life.

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Real Farmacy Source: Real Farmacy

Raging fires smothered local residents, endangering homes and human lives.

The resulting smoke carried for miles, doling out massive damage to downwind communities.

Buildings burned.

The blast forced residents to flee from their homes.

Most families made it out with their precious belongings and loved ones…

But the flames forced some into tough decisions.

It was practically impossible to ensure everybody’s safety…

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Pixabay/ambroo Source: Pixabay/ambroo

While trying to escape, a local homeowner unleashed his dog in the front yard.

Instead of running from the flames, the brave canine darted inside the kindling home.

But why?!

This doesn’t look so good. The blaze continues.

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Pixabay/kolyaeg Source: Pixabay/kolyaeg

The dog’s human companion stood stunned and helpless.

It was too dangerous to go inside!

Get out of the burning building as soon as possible!

The homeowner calls out for his canine friend – nothing.

The flames raged on.

The situation was growing dire.

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Pexels/Francesco Ungaro Source: Pexels/Francesco Ungaro

Would he ever see his canine companion again?

Moments later, the unexpected happened. Always expect the unexpected!

A silhouette of the brave dog emerged from the flames carrying… a kitten?

Gripped by friend canine’s canines, the adorable kitten struggled for breath.

Nobody left behind.

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Real Farmacy Source: Real Farmacy

Fortunately, they escaped the flames mostly unscathed. Now, they’re as healthy as ever!

All thanks to this heroic dog.

Little Kitten’s incredibly lucky to have such an amazing friend!

Amid all the chaos, this dog wasn’t going to leave his bestie behind. Psh, a fire wasn’t going to come in the way of their friendship.

They have a beautiful bond, strong enough to risk a life for. The love runs deep.

Everyone knows of Superman and Supergirl, but we might have stumbled upon Superdog.

Does that make the kitten Lois Lane?

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Unsplash Source: Unsplash

In fact, this story goes like one of many Superman origin stories.

Superman used his powers to rescue trapped, helpless civilians from peril.

Upon being reunited with his best friend, the dog’s human companion was surprised, relieved, and elated.

The family was incapable of grabbing the kitten prior to their exit, but this dog was two paws ahead.

It wouldn’t let its best friend be harmed.

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Pexels/Snapwire Source: Pexels/Snapwire

This was a legendary rescue.

In the face of extreme danger, Doggo didn’t flee. Instead, it risked its own life to ensure the survival of a furry, feline friend.

Cats and dogs are generally viewed as rivals, but this is mostly a myth!

Some cats and dogs get along swimmingly.

Turns out, these two are besties.

They’re practically inseparable.

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Pixabay/Bao_5 Source: Pixabay/Bao_5

Fortunately, they have each other’s backs forever. Plus, they make an absolutely adorable duo.

You scratch mine, I scratch yours!

This kitten’s got it made with such a loving, thoughtful protector and friend.

So what do you think of this epic tale of bravery? We just witnessed the birth of a hero!

Move over Superman.

Out of the flames came a real-life superhero.

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Source: Real Farmacy, The Wild Child