Homeowners Spot Deer In Backyard Trying To Show Them Something, Call Police

November 30th, 2017

A Texas deer, nicknamed “Uncle Buck”, wanted to repay a police officer for saving him from being tied to a tree. And he did, with his friendship.

The deer kept following the police officer around after he was rescued.

According to Dallas News, Fulshear Police Officer Kevin Zieschang got a phone call saying that there was a buck tied to a tree in someone’s backyard while the house was under construction.

When Zieschang arrived the callers had cut the deer free but he still had rope around his antlers so the officer helped to remove it.

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The deer became super friendly with the police officer and even let him scratch his ears.

The deer had gotten pretty cozy at that point and wouldn’t budge when the officer tried to get him back into the woods.

“I was trying to spook him, to get him to run back out into the woods and he wasn’t having it,” the officer said. “He wanted to hang out with us.”

He even walked all the way to the front of the home just to get a little scratch behind the ears of his new officer pal.

“He’s just hanging out man,” someone said in a video of the deer’s rescue.

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Dallas News Source: Dallas News

The local news came to interview Zieschang two days after the incident and the deer returned again in the middle of the interview.

“He came back to see me,” Zieschange said. “Ah, he’s a good kid, I’m going to call him Uncle Buck.”

Uncle Buck walked right up to the officer and was giving his hand kisses and let the officer pet him.

Police believe that Uncle Buck has had lots of contact with humans since he appeared to have no fear of them and seemed socialized. He even got cozy with the cameramen and was nuzzling up against them.

They don’t, however, believe that he belongs to anyone or is anyone’s pet. The police also warned residents not to shoot any deer in their backyard.

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Fulshear Police Department Source: Fulshear Police Department

Since the deer wouldn’t leave they decided that he should be relocated to a safer place and reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife. The deer has since been transported to a wildlife sanctuary.

Police still aren’t sure why the deer was tied up in the first place.

“That’s unacceptable,” Zieschang told ABC 13. “You can’t tie a wild animal up like that.”

Watch the video below to see this officer and deer become friends.

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Source: Associated Press