Homeowners Stunned To Find Bear Relaxing In Hot Tub

July 10th, 2018

Nature and wildlife are often unpredictable. You never know what you might see or what a critter might get caught doing. While most of them prefer to stay clear of humans, some of them aren’t so shy.

Even when you are trying to keep your distance, they can invade your surroundings and take over your home, yard, or even your hot tub without any thought at all.

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Mark Hough Source: Mark Hough

One family found out just how far some animals will go to make themselves at home.

They returned home to a bear in their hot tub relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest. They weren’t happy about it, but they also weren’t about to ask it to leave. All they could do was film it and watch as the bear helped himself to everything they had nearby, including their cocktails.

Mark Hough first spotted the bear. He explained:

“My wife came home from work and requested a margarita, so we made a couple margaritas and went out to the pool to relax in the sun. Then, I heard some crackling of branches coming from my neighbor’s side of the property.”

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Mark Hough Source: Mark Hough

At first, they thought it was just a cat or a rabbit; they weren’t too worried.

The noises got louder, and they realized it was something bigger. Was it a person? Should they be worried? Hough continued:

“I realized, ‘Oh my, there’s a bear coming into our yard!’ So, I yelled to my wife to grab the dogs because they’d been laying out in the sun, and we hightailed it down to our house.”

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Mark Hough Source: Mark Hough

They stayed inside with the dogs for a while, then thought it was probably safe to go back out.

Surely the bare was just looking for food and had gone on his way back into the woods by now. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Hough looked outside and saw an odd thing. He said:

“And lo and behold, he was in my Jacuzzi, bobbling away having fun, playing with the chlorinator and the thermometer, and grabbing the string of the thermometer and throwing it up in the air.”

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

The bear really seemed to be relaxing and enjoying his time in the hot tub.

It almost seemed like it wasn’t the first time he had even been in a jacuzzi. That wasn’t the only thing he was going to help himself to, though.

Hough added,

“So, the bear goes straight over, knocks it over, and laps it up. It walks around the yard a little bit, and eventually, climbs up a tree and takes a two-hour nap.”

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

The entire time bear was napping in the tree, the family had to stay inside with their dogs.

Even though the bear seemed to be relaxing, they weren’t about to take any chances. It wouldn’t take much to wake the sleeping giant. They were afraid that their dogs may try to attack it, as well, and get hurt.

Hough said that they were shocked by the entire incident. Although the bear may have ruined their day of relaxation, they had to laugh at it. What are the chances that on the day they wanted to enjoy their pool and a couple drinks, a bear would have the same idea?

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Hough and his wife are now a little more careful about how they plan their days, and they look around before they head out for a day at the pool.

They also have to be careful about making margaritas, so they don’t attract any unwanted guests who also have a taste for alcohol.

Hough added:

“I wasn’t really afraid. He seemed pretty calm, so I stayed calm. It wasn’t ‘til a couple hours later I thought, ‘Oh boy, what was I doing?'”

Now that the bear knows where to go to find margaritas and a free spa day, chances are he will be back. Maybe he can plan his visits when the family isn’t home.

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Source: BuzzFeed, CBS News