Cop is puzzled when a goose knocks on his car window until he realizes she’s desperate for help
This is one emergency call unlike any he'd ever gotten.
Elijah Chan

Police Sergeant James Givens, a seasoned veteran with over 26 years of service in the Cincinnati Police Department, never expected that one of the most memorable calls for help would come from a goose.

On what seemed like an ordinary day, Givens was in his patrol vehicle when he noticed something unusual.

A goose was tapping on his window, an unexpected and somewhat amusing sight.

However, the urgency in the bird’s behavior quickly indicated that this was no ordinary encounter.

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

The goose’s persistent tapping was more than just an oddity; it was a clear sign that it needed assistance.

Givens, intrigued and slightly puzzled, watched as the goose continued to peck at his window.

The bird’s behavior was insistent and deliberate, far from the random actions of a confused animal.

It became clear to Givens that the goose was trying to communicate something important.

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

Deciding to investigate further, Givens stepped out of his vehicle.

The goose, as if understanding his intentions, began to walk away but frequently turned back to ensure he was following.

This back-and-forth movement seemed almost like a guided tour, leading Givens to a specific location.

His curiosity piqued, he followed the bird, intrigued by what he might discover.

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

The goose led Givens to a distressing scene by the water banks.

There, a gosling was hopelessly tangled in a string attached to an abandoned balloon.

The young bird was struggling, unable to free itself from the constricting material.

This was the source of the mother goose’s distress and urgency.

Givens immediately recognized the severity of the situation and understood why the mother goose had sought his help.

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

Despite his desire to assist the trapped gosling, Givens approached the situation with caution.

Geese are known to be highly protective and territorial, especially around their young.

His experience as a police officer taught him the importance of assessing potential risks, even in situations involving animals.

He knew that while the mother goose sought his help, she might still react defensively if he got too close to her baby.

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

Recognizing the need for expert help, Givens contacted the SPCA Animal Rescue for assistance.

Unfortunately, they were too busy to respond immediately.

Not deterred, Givens then reached out to his colleague, Cecilia Charon.

Despite not typically handling animal rescues, Charon agreed to help without hesitation.

Her willingness to step in highlighted the collaborative spirit and resourcefulness often required in police work.

When Cecilia Charon arrived, Givens documented the rescue operation.

With careful and gentle movements, Charon worked to free the gosling from the tangled string.

The mother goose watched intently, her anxiety evident but contained.

Finally, the gosling was freed and rejoined its mother, a heartwarming conclusion to an unusual rescue mission.

The entire scene was captured on video by Givens, showcasing a touching moment of interspecies cooperation.

The video of the rescue quickly went viral, garnering over 7 million views online.

Viewers were moved by the compassion and dedication displayed by Sergeant Givens and his colleague.

Comments flooded in, praising their efforts and highlighting the significance of their actions.

One viewer succinctly captured the sentiment of many, saying, “It’s heartwarming to see officers going above and beyond to help all members of their community, even the feathered ones.”

YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9
YouTube Screenshot - WCPO 9

The story of Sergeant Givens and the mother goose received widespread attention from various news outlets.

The positive coverage highlighted not only the unique nature of the incident but also the broader impact of acts of kindness and compassion.

For Givens, it was a reminder of the unexpected ways his role as a police officer could make a difference.

His actions demonstrated that empathy and dedication are at the heart of community service, earning him well-deserved recognition and admiration from the public.

Learn more about this incredible story in the video below.

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