‘Wonderful’ dog adopted after nearly 5 years in shelter and now won’t stop smiling
Baby Girl is the happiest doggo around these days.
D.G. Sciortino

When the volunteers at Capital Humane Society (CHS) in Lincoln, Nebraska, would talk about their most tenured resident Baby Girl, it would bring tears to their eyes.

The 8-year-old mix had been in their care for about five years.

She originally arrived on Dec. 6, 2017. But after a very long wait, Baby Girl finally found her forever home. And she hasn’t stopped smiling since she was adopted.

“March 15th was a big day for all of us at CHS because it was our beloved Baby Girl’s Gotcha Day!!” the shelter said on Facebook.

The shelter, however, waited until recently to announce Baby Girl’s adoption since they wanted her to settle into her new home first.

They were thrilled to finally share how much Baby Girl’s new family absolutely loves her.

“Baby Girl has brought so much joy to my life. She loves her daily walks and going outside. She loves her yard and would rather be outside sunning herself than being inside any day! She can’t get enough belly rubs, and she has to be touching me at all times. Baby Girl has really settled into my home and bonded with me and my mom so well, I can’t imagine not having her in my life,” Baby Girl’s owner shared with CHS.

But just because Baby Girl has found her forever home, it doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about her friends at the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center.

She has visited the CHS facility where she spent the previous five years several times since being adopted.

Baby Girl is now reportedly “happier than ever.” And that’s all thanks to the folks at Pieloch Pet Adoption Center.

“I can’t thank the staff at Pieloch enough for taking such good care of her and letting me have a chance at giving her a forever home. I could not have asked for a better dog,” the new pet parent said.

As for the staff who once shed tears thinking about Baby Girl waiting to find a family that would love her forever, they are thrilled to see Baby Girl thriving.

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful dog who captured all of our hearts!” the shelter concluded their Facebook post about Baby Girl.

Companion Animal Psychology reports that a study of two shelters found that the average length of stay at a no-kill shelter was 35 days.

Puppies were adopted the fastest at 23 days.

Puppies over six months old here are typically adopted in 33 days, while adult dogs were held in the shelter for around 42 days before being adopted.

The study also found that the dog’s coloring or sex had little to do with their length of stay in the shelter.

Size and breed did, however, have an effect.

The smallest dogs get adopted soonest, followed by small dogs. Medium-sized dogs had the longest stays.

The extra-large dogs, like St. Bernards, were seen as unique and likely to get adopted. Guard dog breeds also had the longest stays.

When you take one look at Baby Girl in the video below, you’ll wonder how such a sweet face could have been passed up for so long.

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By D.G. Sciortino
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